Living confidently outside your comfort zone

RECORDING AVAILABLE - Narmada Rao explains how to live confidently outside your comfort zone with a series of practical tips and useful techniques

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PDF - Living Confidently Outside Your Comfort Zone

What will you learn

  • How to handle the 'not-knowing states’ and the 'fear of unknown'.
  • Difference between confidence and certainty
  • The most important quality to develop within ourselves for being confident
  • Simple, every day steps to help you push oneself
  • What happens when you pursue happiness, and a healthier alternative instead

Who is this for

This is for anyone aged 18 and above, for anyone who wants to achieve and realise their dreams.

Your Trainer

Narmada Rao
Narmada Rao (member article)

ANLP Trainer member, Narmada Rao, is based out of Bangalore, India. She co-founded Master Yourself Academy which specialises in providing NLP certification programmes and trainings for teens, adults, corporates, parents and educational institutions.