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Ali McCloskey

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Phone Number01923 779106
Practice/Training LocationsHertfordshire and surrounding area

AM2PM is passionate about helping people enjoy happy fulfilling lives. The areas we specialise in are as follows:

Business coaching/training:

We provide Executive Coaching and conduct training days from 1 - 5 days on:
Effective Leadership
Work Life Balance
Skilled Communication
Team Building
Efficiency V's Effectiveness and many more.

We pride ourselves on finding out what your company needs and wants and then putting together a training package to suit those requirements.

Personal Coaching/counselling:

Find your confidence and self esteem.
Setting and achieving goals/outcomes in all areas of life.
Overcoming challenges.
Dealing with depression/overwhelm.
Relationship Coaching. Understanding how to keep the love and passion alive in your relationship.

Lets us help you achieve what ever you want from's too short to let it just slip on by!


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