Anne Gilkes

Anne Gilkes

NLP Practitioner and Habit Change Coach. Helping you to address unhelpful habits, including habitual drinking, restore your freewill and create a purposeful life.

I specialise in Habit Change Coaching, and in particular, supporting habitual drinkers to take a break from alcohol through my unique blend of NLP with Coaching Tools and Exercises.

I know from personal experience how you can be a high functioning person during the daytime, whilst still being tied to that bottle every night! Having freed myself from my own daily habit over 3 years ago, I'm now passionate about empowering others to find their freedom.

My Coaching and NLP sessions are carried out to help you explore what you want to gain, and loosen what holds you back. I offer Confidential Coaching with a mix of NLP exercises to shift your attitude and mindset to drinking, and let you find the freedom you desire. Please follow this link for further details of my Personal Habit Change Program.

Contact me to book a 20 minute free discovery call, by dropping me an email to

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NLP Practitioner

Trained by Sarah Urquhart

Specialist skills

  • Change Management Strategies
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal Development Coaching

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NLP with Anne was quite an empowering journey for me

Anne is focused, resourceful and intuitive NLP coach, and I am grateful I have met her. Her sessions have helped me immeasurably altering old limiting beliefs which were preventing me from embracing my true self. Working under her guidance, I managed to challenge opposing concepts and perceptions and, as a result, to adopt more balanced, harmonic and fulfilling attitude towards problematic areas in my life.

I am sure that her coaching style, the exercises she incorporates in her NLP sessions, her genuine desire to listen, understand, support and help will have positive impact onto anybody willing to go on self-discovery journey by unlocking their true self 's potential. It has been quite a rewarding and fulfilling journey for me.

Paula Thompson


I recently had an NLP session with Anne Gilkes to help me overcome an instance of bullying in the work place which happened over 10 years ago but was still upsetting my confidence. I have been amazed at the results! I have been able to distance myself from the events and I have stopped re-living it as it no longer feels important.
Anne has a natural calmness in her voice which instantly makes you feel relaxed and combined with her obvious knowledge of NLP I would recommend her whole heartedly.