Anne Gilkes

Anne Gilkes

Confidence Building, Communicating Effectively and Empowering Managers, Professionals & Business Owners | Managing Time, Stress & Wellbeing | 1:1 NLP Coaching | EmpowerWELL Group Workshops

Sometimes when you're promoted, take on a new position, or start running a business, you suddenly find you're managing and leading a team. Which is fantastic! Except when you're left trying to figure it all out for yourself...

I'm now on a mission to share all the knowledge and experiences I gained as a successful manager and leader over the past 30 years through empowering Coaching and NLP for Business. 

My EmpowerWELL Coaching Programme is perfect for professionals, managers and business owners - you'll get clarity on where you're heading and uncover your personal motivating stratagies so that you ditch any procrastination that's been holding you back.

You'll grow in confidence and enhance your communicating skills resulting in better relationships with colleagues, clients and at home too! More engagement and less misunderstandings achieve better results.

Everyone is different and we'll design your EmpowerWELL Coaching together to specifically address your needs.

Some of the things we may do:

•    Developing Your Communicating Skills -  so you can get connecting with your Clients, Colleagues and Teams effectively and deeply. More harmony and less misunderstandings! 

•    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – that inner gremlin that whispers  "I'm not good enough..." 

•    Freeing yourself from Procrastinating that's been stopping you for too long.

•    Setting & Achieving Goals for yourself and others - motivating and inspiring yourself and others to achieve more.

•    Mastering Time Management & Maintaining Focus - unlocking more time to spend on yourself

•    Wellbeing Focus -  setting healthy boundaries, avoiding overwhelm, looking after your health and planning in the things you love doing.

I'll be working with you 1:1, generally through a 6 month or bespoke package specifically designed for your needs.
I'm passionate about NLP and naturally blending it with Coaching gives you faster results than having coaching alone. Typical issues NLP helps to get quicker results for you that I offer as part of my packages include:​

  • ​Generating positive thought patterns to boost your self-esteem and motivation
  • ​Strengthening your mindset leading to increased confidence to rebalance and achieve the life you really want
  • ​Putting to bed unhelpful beliefs about yourself or your abilities at work or in daily life, and replacing them with new empowering ones
  • ​Reducing anxiety or overwhelm from past or present situations giving you an inner peace and calmness
  • ​How to use language and your individual personality profiling so that you can improve your communication skills and build better and closer relationships at work and at home
  • ​Lose the internal tug-of-war which holds you back so that you no longer feel you're constantly fighting yourself, and instead can take action with the plans and dreams you've always wanted

DISC Profiling is also available as a one off report with a 45 min 1 to 1 session for just £97. A great starting point.

For further information and checking we’re a good fit, book a chat right now and we'll get you moving forward. 

Drop me a message or book your call here:  😊

More information is on my website

P.S. NLP Sessions are usually carried out as part of my packages however for some issues, fewer sessions may be suitable depending on your issue (e.g. phobia cures). 

Specialist skills

  • Addictions
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Confidence Building
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Phobias
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills

Spoken languages

  • English

Practice/Training Locations

Devon, UK Online via Zoom/ Skype

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NLP with Anne was quite an empowering journey for me

Anne is focused, resourceful and intuitive NLP coach, and I am grateful I have met her. Her sessions have helped me immeasurably altering old limiting beliefs which were preventing me from embracing my true self. Working under her guidance, I managed to challenge opposing concepts and perceptions and, as a result, to adopt more balanced, harmonic and fulfilling attitude towards problematic areas in my life.

I am sure that her coaching style, the exercises she incorporates in her NLP sessions, her genuine desire to listen, understand, support and help will have positive impact onto anybody willing to go on self-discovery journey by unlocking their true self 's potential. It has been quite a rewarding and fulfilling journey for me.

Paula Thompson


I recently had an NLP session with Anne Gilkes to help me overcome an instance of bullying in the work place which happened over 10 years ago but was still upsetting my confidence. I have been amazed at the results! I have been able to distance myself from the events and I have stopped re-living it as it no longer feels important.
Anne has a natural calmness in her voice which instantly makes you feel relaxed and combined with her obvious knowledge of NLP I would recommend her whole heartedly.

I have not yet reviewed any books.