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In September 2021, 4,000 unique people visited the ANLP website looking for information about NLP and/or NLP services...

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Complete Your ANLP Profile

Posted by Kash Falconer on

In September 2021, 4,000 unique people visited the ANLP website looking for information about NLP and/or NLP services. If ALL were looking for NLP services, that’s approximately 3 potential customers per Member… so what will they find if they do a search?

I got curious about these stats and wondered what they might lead to, so I had a look at some member profiles – random sampling if you like.  Sadly, 70% of my random samples took me to profiles with no photo, no description, no case studies, testimonials…nothing…

So let me just write this again and reframe it:

4,000 new people accessed the ANLP website in September 2021. How many of those, potentially looking for an NLP Professional, would have found anything to give them an idea of what you do, who you work with, your specialist skills…?

If you place yourself in second position and looked at your profile from your potential client’s perspective, would you (the client) contact you (the NLP Professional)? I wonder what you (the observer) might say about that?

It may be harsh to say this and I’m going to say it anyway… How realistic is it to expect to get clients or generate interest in your services by having zero information on your ANLP member profile, an online platform you are investing in?

Imagine this, if you will:

I’m going to open a shop in the town with nothing in the windows, no sign of what I’m selling, no way of contacting me.  I pay monthly rent on the shop.   


I have a website.  The name of the website is “”.  It is totally blank.  No images, no writing whatsoever.  I pay the ISP each month to host the website.

In either of these scenarios, what are my chances of getting a client? 

If you’re an NLP Professional with an NLP and/or coaching business, please use every available opportunity to promote yourself and your business.  Be at cause, take 100% responsibility and complete your ANLP Profile... now.

And we have even created a How to Guide to help you achieve 100% completed profile! 

Give 4,000+ potential customers something to see and a reason to choose you…

Kash Falconer
Kash Falconer

Kash Falconer MBA - Creator Of Opportunities at ANLP International CIC - Make the most of your Membership and build out your profile.