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Sue Knight

Membership LevelTrainer Member
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Practice/Training LocationsSantorini Greece
Doha UAE
Henley on Thames, UK
Kerala, India
Dordogne, France
New Zealand

July 2019

13th - 20th Jul 2019NLP Intensive, France

September 2019

7th - 14th Sep 2019NLP Intensive, France

October 2019

11th - 12th Oct 2019Introduction to NLP
11th - 15th Oct 2019NLP Intensive
28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019NLP Intensive

November 2019

3rd - 4th Nov 2019NLP Masterclass
11th - 15th Nov 2019NLP Intensive

December 2019

1st - 8th Dec 2019NLP Intensive


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