Thank you Nina

After nearly 8 years as ANLP's membership co-ordinator, Nina is hanging up her trusty pen (or is that mouse) and moving on to pastures new...

Thank you Nina

What can I say...after nearly 8 years as ANLP's membership co-ordinator, Nina is hanging up her trusty pen (or is that mouse, nowadays) and moving on to pastures new...namely early retirement.

What a journey we have had, Nina - when we first met at the Luton Hoo in December 2013, I was simply looking for some additional help with ANLP...someone to do a few admin tasks and that sort of thing. You were highly recommended and recommendations always count for a lot, in my model of the world, so that was joined the ANLP Team, which grew overnight from one to two!!

We have worked tirelessly together ever since, overcoming challenges, celebrating successes and walking together through life changing events as well as professional work, including being at each other's weddings. 

For the members, you have been their go to person... 'Nina will know', 'I'll ask Nina'.

For ANLP you have been their biggest advocate and been an integral part of growing the business, supporting the members and serviing the public with their NLP queries.

For me, you have been a friend, confidante and relaible, trustworthy colleague since the day we met...and whilst you will stop being a work colleague from the end of November, I know our friendship will continue for many years to come.

You are moving on to pastures new - a long and happy 'retirement' which actually means swapping your work for your other 'hobbies - photography, gardening and your valuable volunteer work with Crosspoint and the well as enjoying married life with Kevin and, of course, Hamish!

Nina, we wish you the very best every day and for all the years to come...and thank you for being there for us all.

Karen Falconer
Karen Falconer

Karen is CEO of both ANLP International CIC and the NLP International Conference Ltd, Editor of Rapport Magazine and author of The NLP Professional. She is qualified to NLP Trainer level and is a Professional Certified mBIT coach. Karen is also a founder member of the International NLP Research Committee, a Trustee of the NLP in Education Trust, a member of the NLP Press Editorial Board, a school Governor and winner of Hertfordshire Woman of the Year 2009.