NLPtCA - Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy & Counselling Association

Extract from the NLPtCA website:

NLPtCA is a not-for-profit company which gives professional support to NLP psychotherapists and counsellors.  We also provide a central point for public information about NLP Psychotherapy and a public directory of practitioners.

Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy & Counselling Association (NLPtCA) exists to:
• Develop and maintain standards for the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling interests.
• Monitor the activities and further the interest of its members.
• Represent the interests of NLPtCA to other professional and regulatory authorities engaged in the field of psychotherapy and counselling.
• Promote Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling to a wider public and to further the use of the techniques, training and practice of NLPt in personal development.


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