NLP Trainers Megapack by Andy Smith

Get all of Andy Smith's products for trainers in one package and make a massive saving!

NLP Trainers Megapack by Andy Smith


NLP Trainers Megapack by Andy Smith


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Get all of Andy Smith's products for trainers in one package and make a massive saving!

  • All Andy's resources for NLP trainers in one money-saving pack
  • Included Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises, Customisable NLP Practitioner Manual, Slide Deck, and loads more
  • Also includes outline agenda for 8-10 day NLP Practitioner course

Get all these products for trainers in one package and make a massive saving!

This mega-pack includes:

  • The Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises – retails on its own at £249
  • The Customisable NLP Practitioner Manual  – retails on its own at £249
  • Customisable NLP Practitioner Training Slide Deck – retails at £149

PLUS these bonus products:

  • Outline agenda for a basic 8-day NLP Practitioner course (packaged with the NLP Practitioner manual)
  • Reproduction licence (Small Business Edition) for the ‘Practical EQ’ Emotional Intelligence self-assessment – value $297
  • ‘Practical NLP’ e-book – contains many additional exercises based on the NLP Presuppositions (PDF format) – Amazon version priced at $3.99
  • The Course Profit Calculator – value $2.99
  • 55 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence – Amazon version priced at $1.49

Download a Sample

If you bought the NLP Exercise Pack, the Manual, and the Slide Deck separately, that would add up to £647. So you save £250 on what it would cost to buy these products individually. Even if you only wanted the Trainer’s Pack and the Customisable Manual, that’s still a saving of £100!

Note: for easy customisation, the manual is an electronic product in MS Word format. The Trainer’s Pack is in PDF format with some handouts in MS Word format.

“This ad tells you that you save $500. But you’re saving a lot more! The manuals are ready for use after you have entered your company information right away. There’s also an agenda that helps you to organize your courses. This material saved me many hours of administrative work. Thanks Coaching Leaders!”
– Peter Schulz, NLP Trainer

“Let’s say you are an NLP Trainer and you came through one branch of NLP and want to know what good ideas you could use from other branches. Where do you look? Most trainers are hiding their best exercises, thinking that gives them a leading edge. The best place in the English speaking world might be to start looking in Britain rather than in the USA. The basic material is often more systematic and more willingly shared. A really good example is Andy Smith’s stuff. I bought and downloaded his Trainers Mega-pack. You can get a discount for posting it on Facebook, but I wanted you to know that I actually checked it all first and was delighted with what I got. Andy is an educator, rather than a showman.”
– Richard Bolstad, author of The Training Secrets of NLP

Buy with confidence – Andy offers a No-Quibble Money-Back Guarantee
If for some reason you are not satisfied with this product, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will courteously refund your money.