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NLP Legends Art Giser, Frank Pucelik and Michael Hall endorse ANLP

Coming from a professional background, it was important to me that when I became an NLP coach, I would find a way to work in a similarly professional way.  ANLP offers that, through the setting and monitoring of standards of practice and in leading NLP in the UK forwards through the setting of national standards and ensuring quality of practice to clients.  In addition ANLP, through the website has generated many clients for me, clients who use the web to find a practitioner in their geographic area.  As if that is not enough, Rapport magazine is a great way to find out what is going on in NLP and I always find something new in the articles, helping me to keep growing and to expand my knowledge base.  I certainly would not consider practicing without belonging to ANLP and when regulation is brought in I do hope ANLP becomes the professional body for NLP in the UK”. Suzanne Henwood PhD, MSc, HDCR, PGCE and Master Practitioner in NLP

"ANLP provides unrivalled, unbiased support to a whole wide spectrum of people whether they are totally new to NLP and looking for an introductory course through to licensed trainers developing their business. Karen and her team are committed to a strong set of values aimed at raising the positive profile of NLP role modelling integrity, generosity of spirit and professionalism. It has been a pleasure developing both a professional and personal relationship with them." Melody and Joe Cheal, The GWiz Training Partnership.

"I think it is a great service that you are offering and wanted to let you know that I have had people contact me about doing my next course- so thank you. You make a difference." Helen Drake, INLPTA Trainer

“You are a Lady of ACTION and also a Visionary Leader in the Cultural Development of NLP” Alex Cheung, NLP Trainer, Hong Kong

"ANLP is almost certainly the leading force in raising both the standards of NLP practice and the level of awareness of NLP in the UK and beyond.  As well as bringing its own benefits to the individual member, membership of the ANLP helps 'raise the bar', something every one of us benefits from." Jeremy Lazarus, NLP Trainer

“I really value being a member of the ANLP and have done for some time. I like the fact they are independent – to me this means they have no hidden agenda – they are simply there to support their members and the general public. I value their modern, forward thinking approach to NLP. When you talk to the ANLP you get a sense that they are fully aware of what is going on especially here in the UK – and with the dawning of tighter professional regulation in the wings for Coaches, NLP Practitioners (and many other related professions) it is reassuring to know you are informed and supported. Many thanks to Karen and her team – keep up the good work!” John Chisholm Director of Creative Leadership Ltd

 “We believe ANLP will work with “the Government or whomever” if and when some form of regulation becomes a reality. The best way to help a professional body have influence and to be taken seriously is to have a large membership, this is our way of ensuring we have a voice at the negotiation table when that challenge becomes a reality. We made the decision to include ANLP membership for our students for two reasons. Firstly it gives “would be” students a certain confidence that we, as a training organisation have a relationship with a professional body and that they would be joining a profession as well as a professional body on successful completion of their studies.  The second reason is that as an NLP training organisation I want there to be a strong professional voice to point to for our own credibility – ANLP is that voice” Tony Nutley: The UK College of Personal Development

"With all the excitement and interest in NLP, can you imagine the impact of being at the top of the world’s most widely used search engine?  Well now you can as a member of the ANLP - currently ranked No.1 on UK Google!  This is no small matter, as every person who searches for ‘NLP’ will see the ANLP website first. Joining ANLP, I immediately gained a higher internet presence than I could possibly have achieved through my own website and have received a regular number of enquiries from the ANLP.   This alone is worth the membership fee!" Sue Barley, Sea Change

"We`d really like to thank you for creating such a cost effective advertising option for NLP academies to use for advertising their services on the ANLP website and in Rapport. We have been using a number of methods to get our branding established lately and with the help of your new online advertising offer, we have had a significant surge in enquiries and hits to our Auspicium website. Thanks again for creating a great service that is such value for money" David Key, Auspicium

We are most proud of your achievements that your continuing success has been acknowledged as “Hertfordshire Woman of the Year Award” and you have also created an outstanding profile for ANLP, as “Small Business of the Year”. Alex Cheung, ANLP Ambassador for Hong Kong and China

"The existence of the ANLP is very important to me…. I encourage all my graduates to join and become involved. "

"Since joining I have personally benefitted from the support, knowledge and practical advice that ANLP have always been happy to offer. The ANLP website is vibrant and full of information. From a members view point I have found it easy to use (even for non techie me who has trouble with sky plus!!)"

"I believe that the ANLP is a very useful and worthwhile resource.  For me some important values are embodied by ANLP; independence, inclusion and flexibility." Denise Collins Bsc (hons), NLP Trainer

"Our first port of call was the ANLP, I have to say that the ANLP of today is NOT the ANLP of yesteryear, today its an incredibly professional, standard setting, academic conference organising and over all high quality flag waving group of people that I am confident to associate my business whole heartedly with.    They have helped us in so many way to be the ongoing and growing success that we are by providing a quality mark for he public, by encouraging us to “be even more” and by being a friend in often difficult times, economic and circumstantial." Tony Nutley, UPCPD

"Karen is a great leader in her chosen field. She treads a precarious path and manages to act as host, negotiator, facilitator, arbiter, champion, ethical standard bearer amongst many other roles. She is committed to developing a process for the management of a diverse psychological approach while continuing to uphold her own standards for ANLP, which is to remain the Switzerland of the NLP Community, often in the face of considerable opposition, threats and challenges." Lisa Wake, Consultant, Psychotherapist and former Vice Chair and Chair of UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy)


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