Reviews for Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy: A Postmodern Perspective Advancing Theory in Therapy

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Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy: A Postmodern Perspective Advancing Theory in Therapy

Author: Lisa Wake

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Customer Reviews

By Edward Grey

This is an excellent book! I refer to it many times and have recommended it to many people.

As well as being beautifully written and excellently referenced (as you would expect from the author), it is also a clever balance between examples of NLPt in action and an honest discourse on how NLPt is a "brief outcome-oriented therapy" as distinct from NLP itself as an "applied psychology". The author has always been particularly alert to the differences between working with clients in a psychotherapeutic setting and within a coaching setting (be it NLP-based coaching or not).

This book achieves exactly what it sets out to achieve (namely, "to consider the relationship between neurolinguistic psychotherapy and psychotherapy in general") - and it gives the reader so much more!

I throughly recommend this book to all those interested in NLP and psychotherapy - and how the two are related

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