Adventures In Coaching

*Discover the power of coaching through an entertaining and lively story that will develop the skills and understanding of how to coach effectively.*

Adventures In Coaching ISBN: 978-1529365832

Adventures In Coaching

By Benjamin Dowman

RRP: £10.22

Nicholas Brealey Publishing (15 Oct. 2020)



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*Discover the power of coaching through an entertaining and lively story that will develop the skills and understanding of how to coach effectively.*

In this groundbreaking new approach to learning how to coach, join Alice on an adventureas she learns the fundamental principles of personal and business coaching. Meet a hostof fanciful characters who will help you understand how to listen, how to ask questionseffectively and how to have a coaching conversation from start to finish.

Adventures in Coaching introduces Coaching as an approach for managing people,improving performance and solving problems. Research shows that learning is oftenbetter retained when made fun and stimulating. This book delivers the most rigorous andadvanced textbook coaching theory, including the GROW model, in a uniquely engagingand mesmerising manner. The structure and sequence of the material is based on a triedand tested progression that the author has refined through his training and workshopswith hundreds of people.

The book is brought to life through relevant coaching conversations and practicalexamples as Alice puts her learning into practice.

"Why are you talking about me in the third person, Ben? I'm right here."

"Alice! Hello. I'm just introducing the book."

"Have you said that I'm the star of the story?"

"Of course, Alice."

"Ben, can I introduce Rita and Ronald?"

"Er... well... I'm not sure we should start with talking animals, this is a serious book."

"Of course we should. Rita is a turtle who is an expert coach and she taught Ronald and Ihow to coach. Oh, and Ronald is a fish!"

"Thank you, Alice!"

Coaching is brought to life when Alice is faced with some tough coaching conversationsand she applies her new learning to the clients she works with. Both new and existingcoaches, as well as managers and leaders, will improve their skills of listening, askingquestions and exploring ideas.

"Good job, Ben. I can't wait to tell the story."

This book surprised me!

Benjamin Dowman chooses an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme for this book on coaching and it works!

The book's very carefully written.

The author's descriptions of coaching processes (e.g. The Grow Model, Perceptual Positions) are both precise and accurate.
It's well organised: Chapter 1 explains exactly what the rest of the book is about, and each chapter ends with a summary of itself.

The concepts described in the book start simply and increase in complexity, chapter by chapter.

There is direct explanation of important ideas (e.g. Contracting, Supervision) as well as metaphors/examples to support that explanation - very thorough.

If it were not heretical to say so, I'd even suggest that it would be possible to coach someone effectively just by following the instructions in this book! :)

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