Judy Bartkowiak

Judy Bartkowiak

Training NLP, EFT Practitioners, Teachers and Health professionals in working with children, teens, parents and families. Successful coaching business serving Bucks/Berks/Oxon and online.

Hello, I'm Judy and I help children, young people and their parents and whole family with whatever is stopping them being happy and harmonious.I also train others to become NLP Kids Practitioners and EFT Practitioners.

Although my company is called NLP Kids, I actually use a whole host of techniques including Art Therapy, Mindfulness, EFT Tapping, Picture Tapping, NLP and Matrix Reimprinting. NLP is neuro linguistic programming which is a rather cumbersome way of saying that we explore how your beliefs may be getting in the way of being your best self. For example, a child going into an exam thinking they will do badly, will fare less well than a child having a positive 'can do' mindset.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique which works on the body's energy fields or meridians, like acupuncture (but without needles!) and it is a really effective way to clear emotions such as anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, sadness and so on.

PTT or picture tapping technique combines art therapy and tapping to clear emotions without having to talk about the issue (content free) and it's very effective for trauma as the client doesn't have to relive the event by talking about it.

Matrix Reimprinting is an extension of EFT and PTT where we go back to the child's early years 0-6yrs to heal early trauma that we believe may have created limiting beliefs. Matrix Birth Reimprinting specifically works on beliefs created in utero or during birth as a result of traumatic pregnancies or birth.  

I have been training NLP Practitioners in working with children, young people, parents and teachers since 2000 and training EFT Practitioners since January 2020. 

I've been working with children all my working life (which is a long time!) as I worked in Children's Market Research for 25 years before training in NLP, writing about NLP and working as a Trainer and Kids Coach. 

I have four lovely children who I'm hoping will soon provide me with grandchildren but in the meantime I get masses of pleasure helping children through workshops, one-2-one therapy sessions face to face or online and through my books. I am currently writing 'Understanding children and teens- a practical guide for parents, teachers and coaches'  which will be published in November 2020 , to be followed by 'NLP and EFT for Parents' due to be published January 2021. I am the author of 'Be a happier parent with NLP', 'NLP Workbook', 'Self-Esteem Workbook' and 'Secrets of the NLP Masters' as well as a series of workbooks - Engaging NLP workbooks for children, tweens, teens, parents, teachers, new mums, work and back to work. 

I trained with Sue Knight and still attend NLP courses and Inspire Days to ensure I still develop as an NLP Trainer.I trained in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson and Matrix Birth Reimprinting with Sharon King. 


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Sue Knight

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Sue Knight

NLP Trainer

Trained by Sue Knight

NLP Coach

Trained by Sue Knight

Specialist skills

  • Anger Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Phobias
  • Relationships
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Time Line Work
  • Working with Young People (with appropriate vetting)

Training offered

  • Introductory
  • Diploma
  • Practitioner
  • Specialised Workshops

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A review by Michelle Thomas

I have just attended the residential NLP for Kids workshop with Judy.

I discovered Judy when I ordered some of her books from Amazon as I first began my NLP journey. I was particularly interested in learning more about how NLP could help parents and children in their day to day relationships.

The books were fascinating and full of interesting and useful facts and ideas. Once I had completed my practitioner course I decided I wanted to focus my practice purely on parents and children and I contacted Judy about attending her specialised course.

Its been an excellent experience! Judy demonstrated her considerable skills in working with both children and parents over the course of the week. The course was full of insight on how the techniques work to support both children and parents.

I am now energised and excited to begin my own practice and cannot recommend the training enough if you are interested in working in this area!

Thanks Judy!

Angel Stewart-Wilson

A review by Angel Stewart-Wilson

I highly recommend Judy's course. With the course you are provided a nice selection of her books, correspondence with her as well as live Skype (or other resources) sessions! It is wonderful. Her support is incredible and she is magnificent in her teaching methods. So very blessed to have studied under her!

Caroline Molloy

A review by Caroline Molloy

I have undertaken the NLP distance learning and found Judy to be a knowledgeable and excellent teacher. There are great resources in her books and additional resources on the private facebook group. A definite must if you are working with children and young people .

Alexandra Vassy

A review by Alexandra Vassy

You know that finding a real professional training in NLP is not easy. I kept looking long on the net and contact many people before choosing Judy and I have to say that is was the perfect choice. Her professionalism and her large experience on NLP helped me a lot. Her course is well designed and fun to follow full of example and practice. Judy is always willing to help when we have questions, she has a nice energy and each appointment on the net was a real pleasure. I really learned a lot. Also interaction with others members of the group were so interesting it helped us to compare point of view and give us ideas. I completed my NLP kid's certification 5 month ago and in my everyday practice it makes a big difference... I really recomamd Judy and her training.

Gill Hudson

A review by Gill Hudson

I attended a 4 day NLP kids course in August 2015 ran by Judy. It was very informative,easy to follow and fun. I have also read many of Judy's books, which again are very good.
Judy allowed me to stay at her home and shared her vast knowledge and experiences with me and a fellow student.
Judy has given me the confidence to start my own coaching practice.... thanks Judy
I would recommend this course to every parent and teacher

Andre Bagein

A review by Andre Bagein

Judy Bartkowiak have the biggest heart and her NLP kids practitioner is one of the best and most effective distance courses I have done. The material for the course is fantastic and very intresting specially her book, "NLP for parents" I can really recomend anyone who is intrested in imoroving their parental-skills to take contact and do her practitior course.

Nikita Thakrar

A review by Nikita Thakrar

Judy is a wonderful positive person. Her books are well illustrated ideal for children and she is full of life as a trainer. She brings out the best in people and encourages them to achieve their full potential by recognising their innate talents and skills. I would sincerely reccomend Judy.