Opinions about NLP

As with many things in life, differing opinions exist, and this applies to the public perception of NLP...

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Opinions about NLP

As with many things in life, differing opinions exist, and this applies to the public perception of NLP.

We recognise that NLP can be, and is sometimes met with scepticism and mistrust.

Across the internet, NLP is advertised as a method of seduction and manipulation and, sometimes, that is people’s first impression of the field. Even the Wikipedia entry is biased and opinionated rather than impartial and informative. Combine this with NLP’s unregulated status and the multitude and ferocity of these search engine results, NLP is often unhealthily linked with manipulation and “mind control.”

This is not the intention of any ethical NLP professional.

Like most industries and professions, we recognise that there will always be those people who distort and alter an originally positive intention into something negative to suit their own personal gain. NLP, as we said in our definition is a collection of methods and models which can lead to a greater understanding and insight into human behaviour. This understanding can bring about a positive change in you and others and that is the intention of NLP.

ANLP exists to promote the responsible, ethical and congruent use of NLP amongst all NLP professionals. We aim to raise professional standards within the field, raise the awareness and credibility of NLP to the public and promote NLP as a viable and reliable personal, organisational and educational development tool.

ANLP provides a searchable database of reliable, credible and ethically sound NLP professionals to give as much assurance as possible to the general public that our members provide the highest quality NLP in their work with them. 

ANLP have a complaints process in place, should there be a dispute between a student/client and one of our members(*). All members adhere to a Code of Ethics and Conduct and provide external references and the ANLP team verify all member qualifications and certificates.

Our goal is to encourage standards and ethics, keep the public safe and promote NLP.

Look for the ANLP Members Logo when choosing the best NLP professional for you.

(*) Please note: The Complaints Process is not applicable if the complaint is bought against a non-member of ANLP.  We strongly advise and recommend you look for the ANLP Member and ANLP Accredited Trainer logos when researching for an NLP professional.