ANLP Membership Resources - Business Templates

ANLP are often asked if we have any templates that members can use as a starting point when developing their own business.

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ANLP Membership Resources - Business Templates

Actively and tangibly demonstrating a Professional Business set-up can give you added credibility.  It can show that you are thinking about the way your business is run and how you take care of your clients.  Having these documents easily accessible on your website and at your practice is an open invitation for your clients and potential clients to carry out their due diligence…which ANLP always recommends!

ANLP provides a number of business document templates that, when amended to suit your particular business needs, can assist you in setting up or structuring your existing business with a great administrative foundation.  These documents have been provided by some of our Members for you to tailor to your business.  We also have a number of company policies which we have created for you to adapt to your business too, including a Safeguarding Policy.  You can access these documents here when you are logged into the ANLP website with the correct credentials.

For access to even more adaptable business document templates, ANLP have partnered with Simply Docs to give you a wide variety of commonly used documents in easily editable formats.  You can find the discounted pricing for Simply Docs here.

*NOTE: Using these and the Simply Docs documents does not mean that these documents are legal when used in your situation.  All documents provided by ANLP must also be edited appropriately to suit your business.  If you have any doubts about the validity of any business documents you use, please consult a solicitor for definitive advice.