Where is NLP?

Recently, I have been involved in conversations during the ANLP Community Café sessions, talking to ANLP Members...

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Where is NLP?

Posted by Kash Falconer on

Recently, I have been involved in conversations during the ANLP Community Café sessions, talking to ANLP Members and some people in the wider NLP community and a common theme is prevalent:

“We need NLP in the world more than ever!”

“They” are right.  We DO need NLP in the world more than ever and we need to collaborate with our peers in the NLP community to make it happen.

For me, NLP is complementary.  It can be used with other traditional and non-traditional practices to be effective in offering solutions, strategies and systems to help deal with a vast range of challenges that many people are facing…more than ever…

Many NLP Professionals are certified or qualified in other remedial treatments such as Hypnotherapy, EFT, mBIT, Psychotherapy, Nutrition and many other techniques, some of which have close associations and roots in NLP, others less so. The skill of the NLP Professional is to weave these practices together to give flexible options for each client to find their path to better wellbeing (in whatever form that takes for them).  This might be physical or mental wellbeing and equally applies to individuals on personal journeys as well as companies, teams, communities, schools…etc…the goal is finding out what is “the difference that makes the difference” to the client and putting it in place.

When we embark on our individual NLP journeys and become NLP Professionals, we are given some amazing gifts by our Trainers…self-awareness, flexibility, options, responsibility and an enormous toolbox to work with.  We are also given the understanding that “the map is not the territory” and “respecting the map of others” and the presuppositions of NLP are some of the keys we are given that can unlock ourselves and our clients….and we use the ethical and professional means we have to give them the help they want.  Sometimes it is pure NLP.  Sometimes NLP in combination with our other talents…

Making connections within ourselves is another voyage of discovery and can lead to making connections between the resources and proficiencies that we have for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Kash Falconer
Kash Falconer