Answer Within

The Answer Within illuminates the genius of Milton H. Erickson as a psychotherapist, demonstrating how his creativity can be incorporated into an effective therapeutic approach.

Answer Within ISBN: 9781845901219

Answer Within

By Stephen R Lankton & Carol Hicks Lankton

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The first volume to appear in the Crown House Classics Series, The Answer Within fits the bill perfectly as it is both classic and completely contemporary. With new introductions by the authors, The Answer Within illuminates the genius of Milton H. Erickson as a psychotherapist and demonstrates how the principles that anchored his creativity can be incorporated into an effective therapeutic approach that is both flexible and grounded. A foundational work that continues to be fresh, the book takes the reader step by step from diagnostic assessment through treatment plan, illustrating each stage with clinical examples and transcripts. Clear and engaging, the informative case presentations include actual inductions and intricate metaphors accompanied by insightful commentary on therapeutic strategies and techniques.

From Contemporary Psychology (1984):
‘The clarity with which the subject is presented will not only help readers to understand Erickson’s use of metaphor, but will help them understand how this technique may be used in their own practice.’

From The Script, International Transactional Analysis Association (1983):
‘A balanced, thoughtful analysis and interpretation of Milton H. Erickson’s approach to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, a complex system of skills which is neither magic nor mere mechanics.’

From the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (1984):
‘The book is creative, thoughtful, and useful. Perhaps because the book is uniquely their own style, Erickson might have commended the framework provided as ‘Lanktonian Hypnotherapy’.’

The Answer Within by Stephen and Carol Lankton

Described as a clinical framework of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy the book is very much an academic description of the language patterns and structures used by Milton Erickson. And yet within the technical descriptions are interwoven some of the transcripts of metaphors used, and the context of the therapeutic intervention, which are a joy to read.

This book is written for those who already have a good understanding of hypnosis, and interested in understanding the structure of the metaphors employed by Erickson. The explanations are written in detail, and can feel like a challenging read at times. However just as you are on the verge of leaving it for another day the case studies and metaphor transcripts brings it back to life.

From the authors' descriptions of Erickson's work you get a real sense of what Bandler and Grinder observed as they did their modelling for NLP. You are left with a deeper understanding of those language patterns and a real sense of how Erickson was a master of reframing, coupled with his provocative style. So whilst its not a book for the faint hearted, it is a book worth persevering with.

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