Music from the Inside Out

Readers are encouraged to look at what lies beneath the surface and guided to unlock what's holding them back.

Music from the Inside Out ISBN: 978-1780882802

Music from the Inside Out

By Charlotte Tomlinson

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Matador; UK ed. edition (7 Jun. 2012)

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Have you ever been devastated by performance anxiety? Have you struggled with physical problems like tendonitis or nodules on your vocal cords? Are you battling with issues of confidence and self-belief? Music from the Inside Out tackles these thorny issues and others, which can profoundly affect musicians and which they may not want to face. Readers are encouraged to look at what lies beneath the surface and guided to unlock what's holding them back. With this book, musicians can: * Learn how to transform their own inner critic * Get to grips with their performance nerves * Discover how to play with complete physical freedom * Perform to the peak of their expressive power Music from the Inside Out gives musicians the tools to transform their whole approach to performing music. It is suitable for classical musicians, students, amateurs and professionals. Because of its universal messages, it can cross over into the worlds of jazz, pop and rock; even sport, acting and any other performance-related professions. Author Charlotte Tomlinson has been inspired by a number of books, including The Inner Game of Tennis by W Timothy Gallwey, A Soprano on Her Head by Eloise Ristad, The Musician's Way by Gerald Klickster and The Art of Practicing by Madeline Bruser.


A musician's guide to freeing performance

There is a paradox in musicianship. At its best performance is an uplifting activity, bringing joy to both musicians and audience.

Conversely, it is a devastating, anxiety-ridden experience, undermining confidence and self belief, or is ruined by the development of physical problems. Charlotte Tomlinson, teacher and performer, has written Music From the Inside Out for professional and amateur classical musicians to free their performance from the inner critic, stage nerves, and crippling physical issues and enable their expressive power to emerge.

Each section is illustrated by case studies from Tomlinson's professional practice coaching students. These stories enable the reader to recognise and describe their own unique difficulties. Motivation, bullying (external and internal), performance nerves, and the body mind connection is covered. Accessible and gentle expert guidance, refreshingly jargon-free and well-presented, describes how limitations arise and may be overcome. Whilst some self-help interventions are described, she recommends that professional support may be invaluable to address deep-seated emotional issues. She emphasises that, for successful anxiety-free performance, practice to ensure technical proficiency and repetition to become familiar with the music is essential; practical suggestions to achieve these are offered.

Music From the Inside Out is a beneficial starting point for any musician who has lost their enthusiasm and joy. Music education has been notorious for the frequency of brutal teaching methods and practice regimes, however well-intentioned, making this book an excellent preliminary 'compulsory read' for music teachers-in-training and young musicians' parents, and a useful reading-list addition for music teachers and performance coaches who recommend books to support their work with clients or students.

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