Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days

This book is a guide for parents, using the latest thinking from the fields of positive psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy to help children overcome bedwetting.

Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days ISBN: 978-1780882475

Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days

By Alicia Eaton

RRP: £12.99

Matador; 2nd ed. edition (1 April 2012)

NLP with Children/Teenagers


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This best-selling book is an easy-to-read guide for parents, using the latest thinking from the fields of positive psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy to help children overcome bedwetting more easily. This seven day programme also comes with the downloadable hypnotic audio recording Dry Beds Now , which is filled with positive suggestions to making changing this unwanted habit easier. This fully revised and updated 2nd edition includes improvements to the system, two years of results and research from the implementation of the first edition and reactions from parents, GPs and Consultant Paediatricians. In a survey, over 70% of children achieved some dry nights following this system and 85% of parents would recommend this system to others.


Stop bedwetting in 7 days by Alicia Eaton

Book review “stop bedwetting in seven days” by Alicia Eaton

The layout gives it an easy read feel to it and and like a good book you do not want to put it down too quickly. It is mainly aimed at the parent of the child with the problem so Alicia spends a good amount of time preparing the parent. In NLP terms there is a lot of rapport building and self esteem building of the parent through her writing. This is why it is worth reading the book from the beginning if you are a parent of a child with the problems. Do not be tempted to jump to the start of the 7 day programme for the child. Alicia reminds us that consciously or unconsciously the parent may have helped instil the behaviour. She encourages the parent to think of the benefits of breaking the habit, she applies leverage. Her writing is written subtly hiding NLP practices, challenging the thinking and beliefs of the parent. She works on the child and parent but it is kindly challenging. The parent in effect is receiving their own one to one session with Alicia. So it isn’t till half way through the book that the actual 7 day programme is introduced. Now that half the work has been done the 7 day programme begins

`The practising NLPer will benefit from Alicia's thoroughness as she backs up her techniques with practical evidence from her patients and data that will ease those who don’t believe it works. She has spent many years practising and has helped it to improve her technique. She subtly reminds the practitioner that even if the child is the real client the parent is a client too. She has come to be a trusted authority in these type of clients. A really useful tool book for NLP practitioners who will deal with similar clients in their practices. A ready made method for this problem.

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