The NLP Professional (2nd edition)

The NLP Professional: Your Future in NLP, with foreword by Ian McDermott and Robert Dilts

The NLP Professional (2nd edition) ISBN: 9780857162083

The NLP Professional (2nd edition)

By Karen Falconer

RRP: £16.99

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"If you’re starting out with an NLP business – this is a perfect read to support you in setting yourself up in the most professional way from the outset.

If you’re already running a good NLP business – this book is reassuring and a reminder of good things to consider, full of great tips and things to review and reflect on.

And if you’ve been doing this successfully for a while – this book reminds us why we all need to do NLP professionally, whilst also bringing our own style and creativity to the field, so that we can be proud and part of creating something special together.

As Karen reiterates throughout the book, doing this together professionally, not only enables success for everyone but most importantly drives the momentum for the bigger picture; a better world for everyone."

Yvonne Fernando, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach

Much needed credibility for NLP

This second edition of 'The NLP Professional' by Karen Falconer, CEO of ANLP International CIC, provides a sensible 'real-world' antidote to the over-claiming, rival-bashing lack of professionalism all too often seen in the hothouse called 'The NLP World'.

She is polite and generous about the diversity available in this 'world' and urges collaboration and co-operation.

Her language is accessible, making this book easy to read as well as honest, comprehensive and well-referenced.

Karen's sensitive and professional manner shines through, especially when she is discussing topics which could be seen as contentious.

Highly recommended for NLP Professionals, both those starting out and those with established businesses.

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