Addicted to an addict

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Addicted to an addict

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The challenge

My client cares for and loves an addict. She was consumed by and co dependent on the addict. Her biggest challenge was facing reality of not being able to fix the addict and realising it was her that needed help.

The effect

Her whole life revolved around the addict. This was affecting her job, diet, friendships, causing family issues, lack of money and impacting on her own self worth.


Using time line therapy to get to the core issue, progressing to using swish patterns to encourage changing the past experience in her life. We carried out Hypnotherapy for weight loss (on going) Mindfulness to work with breathing. and meditation for anxiety. I worked with the client weekly for 6 sessions, each being an hour long. We have reduced it to once a month for 2 hours.

My client has improved immensely in respect of understanding she is unable to fix her partner and that she needed guidance and support to help her realise her self worth, build her confidence and self esteem. Her weight loss is still on going and we continue to work on her nutrition, designing meal plans for herself and family.


My client, having realised how consumed she was by the addict, started to do things for herself, completed a refresh course to go back to work part time. She started to walk for a form of exerise and is eating healthier, this has included cooking healthier meals for her children which is making my client feel happier. My client has put boundaries in place so she is not enabling her partner to carry on with his addiction quite so easy - this in its self has helped improve my clients mindset. Overall my client has begun to claim her life back and realises its an on going everyday effort, and realises she is worth it.

Suna Spry MRSPH
Suna Spry MRSPH

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