Finding my Purpose with NLP

Before Being introduced to NLP, I was governed by my own beliefs, values and fears. I had created my map and defined its territory.

Finding my Purpose with NLP

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Before Being introduced to NLP, I was governed by my own beliefs, values and fears. I had created my map and defined its territory. Anything which happens beyond it, was something irrelevant for me. I had limited my growth and learnings myself. I was fearful of unknowns, dealing with changes and taking risks. Today, after experiencing NLP, I can say with confidence that this is not a problem anymore – but an opportunity to grow in life, living life the way I desire to, and acknowledging the fact that I have all the resources within me.

Since, I have learnt to activate my resources – it has not only brought in positive changes in my life but also have started impacting lives of individuals around me, in a much positive way. There are individuals around me who are now more confident to deal with difficult situations and difficult people, matured emotionally and are leading a transformational life.

I have attended three 8-day sessions of NLP. My journey started in Feb 2017, when I was supposed to travel to South Africa – first international travel on my personal expense, and a country I’ve never been to. Thereafter, I travelled to UK and Scotland for my other 2 sessions.

NLP gave me opportunities to explore different cultures, appreciate the environment and nature, most importantly, for me, it was about three things: stepping out of my comfort zone, learning from new people by building connections with them and overcoming fear of the unknown.. In corporate world we term couple of these as “Taking Risks”.

NLP helped re-emphasize my belief since my teenage days – Life is all about “attitude”. I have met lots of people through the NLP sessions and otherwise – one of the key learnings for me has been “not being judgemental” – for people as well as situations – as being judgemental hinders our learnings.

NLP also created space for my personal learning – I got opportunities to spend time reading, and as well as self-reflect. I was very easily able to connect with myself and look at my strengths and opportunities – which reinforced the true “purpose” of my existence.

My NLP trainer always ensured that she chose a very open environment for training. Personally, I have found such environment to be very powerful – space to communicate, express and think openly, and accessing my Sub-conscious state with ease.

I have now learnt to take “Pause in my life”, “focus on things which are important and impactful to self and others” and access the “Sub-conscious state”. I am on the journey to live the “purpose of my life” which I truly feel passionate about.

NLP offers very effective tools and techniques – which once used, create a long-lasting impact. NLP offers an environment which disassociates you from the fast-moving world and allows you to reflect and help access your resources and energize them.

Nitish Suraj Paliwal
Nitish Suraj Paliwal