Flying Phobia

Helping a client to remove their phobia of flying so they could have a better range of travel options and visit their mum in Lanzarote.

Flying Phobia

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The challenge

The client initially called me, 3-years ago, to help with her phobia of flying.  Her mum had recently moved to Lanzarote and she wanted to go over and visit her but due to her phobia, she was unable to get onto a plane.  She was even nauseous when thinking about booking a holiday that involved air travel.

She said that years ago, she was OK with flying so couldn't understand why she was now suffering from this phobia.

The effect

The client felt that she was extremely limited in her travel options because other modes of transport take too long to go any real distance.  It was affecting her life because she could not visit her mum or other places that she wanted to go to.



During the NLP sessions, which took place at the client's house, We spoke for a short while so that I could get a good understanding of the problem. 

I explained that a phobia is a learned thing and can be unlearned and I walked her through what I was going to do to help her to remove the phobia.   On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being terrified, she said that she was an 8 or 9.  Verbally I walked her through the technique I was going to use.

I took the client through the fast phobia cure by the end of the first session, I knew that the phobia had gone.  You can tell by the way the client behaves differently when you ask them to bring back the old feelings and they can't.

The client, for her own piece of mind, booked a couple more sessions.  After each session, she felt and became a lot more confident.  In fact, on the last session, in a light trance, I gave her supervised control of the aircraft and she flew the journey landing safely.



After the sessions had been completed, she booked her flight to see her mum in Lanzarote and she said she would drop me a text when she got there to tell me how she got on.

A few days later, I got a text which said that she enjoyed the flight and had already booked a holiday for later in the year.   She said that she felt really comfortable and relaxed throughout the sessions and almost just as relaxed on the flight.  

She thanked me for removing the phobia and allowing her to take control of the fear that she once had so that she could go and visit new and interesting places.

Recently I saw the client in town and she told me that since those powerful sessions, she has been to quite a few places and remained phobia free. 

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