Never too old to change!

NLP has improved the quality of life of a Grandma; helping to reduce and eliminate pain, increasing confidence and giving a new lease of life

Never too old to change!

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The challenge

Having had arthritis and joint pain for a number of years, Barbara was finding that the pain was debilitating and impacting on everyday life e.g unable to go shopping, limited walking and impacting on her social life as she was struggling to leave her flat on her own.

The effect

This was impacting on her confidence levels and was leaving her feeling isolated. She had been to the doctors a number of times and was advised to stop taking pain killers due to the side affects and long-term damage that they can cause. Barbara therefore, was seeking an alternative to medication to manage her pain.


Barbara enrolled on the 1 day Introduction to NLP and attended couple of times to gain an understanding of what NLP is all about. She then completed the NLP Diploma and Practitioner course with the initial intention of attending rather than certifying. During the course however, she used the tools she learnt to build her confidence enough to become a certified NLP Practitioner (at the age of 77 - this was the first time back in a structured learning environment for 60 years). We then worked together on a one to one basis, specifically on managing her pain - this included IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), NLP (Wholeness Process) and Core Transformation. These sessions were over a six month period for an hour per session, once a month.


The pain is now manageable and in some joints it has disappeared completely. She has taken just one pain killer in a 6 month period (previously taking 4 per day). Barbara now has confidence, can go 'out and about' and do all the things that she wants to do. In addition she is now helping others using NLP and can participate in social activities. NLP has given her a whole new aspect and her outlook on life has changed - she now feels 'needed and useful' and has a positive attitude to life.

Emma McNally
Emma McNally

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