The confidence to try again

Ahmad had lost his dream job and was now working in retail to pay the bills.

The confidence to try again

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The challenge

Ahmad had been struggling to adjust after his unexpected job loss in marketing. He struggled with self-doubt, feeling as though he could no longer make the right decisions and trusting himself less than ever before. To alleviate these feelings, he found a job in retail, but deep down wanted something more satisfying: getting back into marketing; yet despite this desire, it seemed impossible for him with his current state of mind.  

The effect

Ahmad found himself struggling in job interviews in the marketing industry due to a lack of confidence. He had been out of the field for a while and was constantly worried that he wouldn't be able to answer the questions or impress potential employers. Every time he went to an interview, he was filled with self-doubt and anxiety, unable to believe in himself as much as he wished he could.


I was able to help Ahmad overcome his lack of confidence over the course of 6 sessions.  We worked together to establish more empowering beliefs and behaviours, which helped him shift his focus from the doubts and fears holding him back to the possibilities ahead of him.  I coached him around the nature of failure and success and how they can be viewed from either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. And finally, we explored how he could establish rapport and maintain an empowering state in an interview. 

Through our sessions, he slowly began to build up his self-confidence and was soon ready to take on any challenge of a new interview in marketing.


After months of preparation and coaching with me, Ahmad was finally able to secure a job in the marketing industry. Although he didn't get the first role he applied for, he had gained enough confidence and courage, that he was more than willing to try again. He endeavoured to learn from his mistakes and kept pushing through until he got what he wanted.

Ahmad credited much of his success to the coaching, stating "I don't think I would have achieved this without your help. You helped me build up my confidence I needed to really go for what I wanted".

Dean Wolfers
Dean Wolfers

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