Charity Partnership

ANLP have partnered with local Mental Health Charity, MIND BLMK and are working with them to mutually raise awareness of Mental Health issues...

Charity Partnership

ANLP have partnered with the local Mental Health Charity, MIND BLMK and are working with them to mutually raise awareness of Mental Health issues and where NLP and ANLP Members can help...

A Brief History

"We had a friend who worked within this local branch of Mind and we had raised money for them before with other organisations...and our friend was so open in dealing with their own challenges and the help they received from Mind BLMK that we were inspired to connect with them and see how we could "do our bit"…

So, we worked with their brilliant team to raise money at the 2019 NLP International Conference and the 2019 NLP Awards." 

Karen Falconer, CEO of ANLP

£6k later, everyone at Mind BLMK were very happy with the amount raised and it made a material difference to their service users…

…and we felt there was still more we could do:

ANLP Members have the recognised certifications that enables them to carry out their day-to-day work with individuals, companies and communities, using their NLP skills to make a positive impact. The tools that NLP Professionals learn to use become part of their being and they weave their skills to help their clients, communities, friends and families to communicate better, model excellence, recuperate, explore themselves, gain insight and a number of other benefits for self-evaluation, CPD and to satisfy their curiosity.

There are also the Members of NLPCtA who have qualifications in Psychotherapy and are trained in clinical and therapeutic practices and use NLP to augment and focus their skills.

Together, using NLP, we form an amazing community who want to be the difference that makes the difference… and ANLP holds the space in which this community moves.

With the knowledge that ANLP Members are professional and conscientious, we have started a programme, working with MIND at a UK national level through our local association with MIND BLMK to offer the voluntary services of ANLP Members to help where we can. In time, we believe that we can help local branches of MIND with other aspects of their work and for now, we are looking to help MIND be the difference that makes the difference in any way that we can.

Mind BLMK values are:

  • Community – knowing and being an integral part of our localities
  • Hope – knowing things will work out
  • Opportunity – having a range of options to choose from 
  • Respect – valuing everyone as an individual
  • Raising Awareness – talking about mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing Potential – overcoming barriers to individual achievement

If you feel you could contribute your time and skills to Mind at your local branch, please contact our Mind Co-ordinator by clicking here.

For More information on Mind BLMK, please visit their website