Alumni Event (Inspire Days)

An opportunity to celebrate the excellence in each of us. Designed for those who have trained with me as a thank you.

26th - 27th June 2024

Verteillac, Dordogne

We laughed, we learnt, we danced and we connected with many we had met before sometimes only online and with others who nevertheless share a passion for learning and being the best we can be.

Local restaurants and hotels commented on the energy and appreciative attitudes that they experienced in the people who came and gave.

If you think you might want to attend this it will be important to put some foundations in place … I did say ‘never again’ to another Alumni especially here in France as there is so much organisation with respect to places to stay (there are no large hotels near here!) and travel. However, the Alumni this year was such an amazing experience and having got the organisation in place (with the help of a wonderful support team) I feel that not only do I want to build on that but also there is a momentum in the success of this event.

It will be held as before at La Meyfrenie in Verteillac (closest airport Bergerac though several of you this year came via Bordeaux and some by train to Angouleme and some of course drove here. I hold this event as a thank you to all of you who have trained with me and I will control the numbers again. Priority will go to those of you who have done programmes with me. This year I made no charge for the event itself. Next year I will be making a small cost covering charge of £190 per person (Plus VAT if you are based in the UK).

The topics this year included

Travelling Sydney to London by motorbike – the thrills and the challenges
Feldenkrais – Awareness through Movement
Living and Learning in India
Managing transitions in life
Going to the edge
Working and learning with people labelled as ‘schizophrenic’ and are they?
And there was more. Most importantly most of the sessions were the stories of people who have used their NLP learning to achieve remarkable results. And we had the opportunity to model that excellence.

And you can expect some surprises next year. Expect the unexpected …

If you wish to book just let the team know on [email protected] and payment of an invoice for your attendance will confirm your place.


Event information

  • Starts June 26th 2024
  • Ends June 27th 2024
  • La Meyfrenie, Verteillac, Dordogne, 24320, France