Live 7 Day NLP Practitioner Course

An NLP Practitioner course, designed to train you in all the aspects of NLP, including Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis

9th - 15th November 2024

Cape Town

Terry Elston

We run live and online training!

NLP World has been the chosen provider for the UK Government, The South Wales Police force, Lush alternative cosmetics, many schools and university's including Christ's Hospital, and 21 blue chip companies.

Terry is also certified as a CPD presenter, giving you or your company valuable Career Development opportunities through training with NLP World.

As well as your NLP Practitioner status, our courses give you the opportunity to become a life coach. This is accredited via ICR and The Coaching Society.

All our *certifications are accredited and recognised by ANLP in the UK, as well as the AIP in the USA.

NLP World looks to take your NLP training one step further - into a deep personal environment, that is safe and expansive at the same time.

Our NLP trainings are available worldwide and can be found in Spain, Sweden, Norway, the US, India, South Africa and recently Vietnam.

In the UK we prefer to work from Brighton and Hove as it's such a great place!

As well as our live trainings, we provide online training and have the best video and media facilities available today. We supply fantastic quality NLP Online Practitioner and NLP Online Master Practitioner courses. A new addition to our Online family is our Time Based Techniques program and our Clinical Hypnosis Program.

NLP World looks to take your NLP training one step further - into a deep personal environment, that is safe and expansive at the same time.

If you are looking for separate corporate NLP training, then our NLP company training program looks at what's needed inside your organisation and then works with you to design NLP training packages to suit you.

We deliver a variety of corporate packages and work in the field of Management Performance Training, Presentation Skills, Sales Mastery, Negotiation Techniques, Executive Coaching and much more.

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Terry Elston, the managing director, is a certified NLP International trainer and has been featured in the Independent on Sunday, LBC radio, Health Today and Wave magazine for his abilities to make change work fun, quick and easy. He has also published 6 NLP and Self-Development books.

The NLP World company motto is "Taking Your Training Personally" which we believe is the right way to treat people.

We are human after all, and the most effective trainings will approach people as valuable resources rather than throw away commodities.

Every person has their own way of being and learning. We respect that!

* ANLP require 50 hours face to face training for recognition - our four day course is not equal to 50 hours face to face, please check with us about this



By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Use graceful, conscious, assertive language patterns to be excellent leaders in communicators skills (even past the excellence gleamed from RAF training) and assist others to do the same
  • How to coach to achieve engagement with people rather than ‘teaching’ others
  • Be effective at creating good, strong, healthy relationships, whatever the situations encountered
  • Use rapport through verbal and non-verbal language to enable dramatic changes in behaviour and attitudes
  • Experience HOW to be present in NOW – challenging the abilities of even higher quality perceptions in life
  • Enable individuals and teams to quickly shift their perceptions and so therefore enhance their performance
  • See the world through others’ eyes in order to lead and inspire changes in behaviour
  • Use powerful mindsets to empower themselves and therefore others
  • Have a feedback method to follow up and make behavioural changes for individuals, teams and themselves
  • Work with themselves and others inside the ‘control panel’ of the inner world – working with inner coding and specific memories when required
  • How to become a successful coach, workshop leader or presenter
  • Work with memories to clear out old limiting beliefs, troublesome memories and any phobia/trauma that need shifting
  • Learn the elements of Hypnosis. Gracefully be able to relax people, and make incredible differences to people’s lives with the art of Hypnotherapy


Pre Programme

  1. Participants will be required to listen to approximately 16 hours of pre-recorded material to help prepare their thinking.


Post Programme

  • Free ongoing phone, zoom and email support for all participants where desired for a period of six months from date of training to maximize the effect and provide back-up where needed.

Qualifications and accreditation

Accreditation as an NLP Practitioner is available to all participants. They would have to comply with pre-study and a test, plus perform and be at all sessions. Delegates are still welcomed if they do not want or need an accreditation.


CPD points are available through this training with Terry Elston and NLP World. Terry is an accredited CPD presenter

Additional notes

The November 2024 course is a retreat in Cape Town, where you will be on site.

We just completed the March 2024 course – there are six places left in November, with accommodation.

Your accommodation in an exclusive luxury double room is included at the venue – as is the amazing gourmet food. (If you require a family size cottage it’s an extra £35 per night on top.) 

Event information

  • Starts November 9th 2024
  • Ends November 15th 2024
  • Witzenberg Guest Farm, Wolsley, Cape Town, 6850, South Africa