Master Practitioner Module 7 - An Introduction to Quantum Physics

Are you ready for something completely different? Sit back and just watch and listen to the presentation and let your unconscious mind do the work.

9th November 2024

Following the success of our blended NLP Practitioner Programme, we have developed our Master Practitioner into the same blended style.  Bringing together technology and traditional training methodologies to create a flexible fit for the future training which you can join from anywhere in the world. Our Master Practitioner programme not only takes your skills to mastery, it also teaches many advanced techniques. The programme is accredited by the American Board of NLP and also meets the criteria to join the Association of NLP at Master Practitioner level.  It also includes completion of Time Line Therapy at Master Practitioner level (if you have previously qualified at Practitioner level). 

Why consider our NLP Master Practitioner Programme?

Being an NLP Master Practitioner will enable you to:

  • Achieve mastery in the NLP profession.
  • Work with clients both privately and corporately to achieve their goals.
  • Use advanced language patterns for enhanced influencing 
  • Use NLP in a health and wellbeing context
  • Market yourself as a Breakthrough coach 
  • Understand and work with values.
  • Work with individuals unconscious filters.
  • Become a world-class communicator and presenter
  • Develop your flexibility in dealing with all situations
  • Improve your ability to generate commitment, co-operation and enthusiasm amongst those around you
  • Be a Team NLP paid coach 

What is the new structure?

There are several key components that make our programme flexible, fun and credible. The content is in manageable modules, easily accessible on our online learning platform. We also assign you to a social, action learning group. Each module has:

  • An e-book, audio and video learning full of real life examples and demonstrations.
  • An online, live training session led by one of our experienced Trainers and Master Trainer of NLP which is recorded for ongoing learning.  
  • Fun exercises, practice, demonstrations and ongoing assessments and challenges.

Everything then comes together at the end of the training through the 2-day Breakthrough process, where you will deliver a live online Breakthrough coaching session to a client and have a Breakthrough coaching session yourself.  These sessions are supported and assessed by our Trainers.  

How long does it take?

Our learning process delivers over and above the minimum of 120 hours of training delivered by a certified NLP trainer required to be accredited by the ABNLP as well as the minimum 80 attendance hours required by the ANLP.  This is made up of the following elements:

  • Pre-study preparation including e-learning and online assessments for 17 modules - 51 hours
  • 17 modules delivered over nine live online sessions - 50 hours
  • Live online action learning - 10 hours 
  • Preparation of the modelling project - approx 10 hours 
  • Breakthrough days live online - 20 hours

= 141 hours of which 80 are online live trrainer led sessions.* 

*Please note all timings are estimated 

Finally, what if you choose Team NLP? 

We develop credible NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners and  NLPTrainers who are fit for purpose for the future.  Our team is led by best selling author and NLP Master Trainer, Lindsey Agness.  You become part of our rapidly growing community with the opportunity to become a paid coach or trainer for Team NLP.  The structure of our training enables students to work together from all over the globe and our assesment methodologes give you the confidence in your abiity to practice. And, you are fully supported by our team before, during and after your training.  At Team NLP we work using a collaborative methodology. You help to shape the future as we continually evaluate and evolve to keep our training cutting edge and inspiring.  


Module: Master Practitioner Module 7 - An Introduction to Quantum Physics

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module you will have a basic understanding of Quantum Physics. This module is slightly different as it is not traditional NLP. This manual provides a transcript to the video presentation. 

You will have access to the pre-recorded video and manual in the pre-study which is recorded in an inductive way.  See if you notice the difference!  At the live session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas about the core concets of QPs. 

Full course schedule

19th October 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 1 - The Start of your Journey
An introduction to your Master Practitioner journey with Team NLP including what's required to become accredited as well as a refresh of key NLP concepts.


19th October 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 2 - Conversational Change
This module enables you to take your linguistic skills to the next level by using language conversationally to transform models of the world with ease.


26th October 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 3 - Mastery of the Milton Model
This module builds on Practitioner content to develop the Milton Model as your language super power in coaching, therapy and to create high performing teams


26th October 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 4 - Taking the Meta Model to the Next Level
This module reviews the Meta Model Practitioner content and takes it to the next level with the Meta Model Three as a tool for change


2nd November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 5 - The Elegance of Linguistic Sub Modalities for Change
This module teaches you to become a change maker by enabling you to conversationally shift the internal representations of your clients, colleagues, family and friends


2nd November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 6 - Sleight of Mouth Patterns
As NLP mythology goes, Richard Bandler never lost arguments using SOM patterns. SOM are exquisite reframes to assist you to shift mindsets in an instant.


9th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 7 - An Introduction to Quantum Physics
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9th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 8 - Modelling Excellence
NLP started with the modelling of world-class therapists. We will demonstrate how NLP modelling is unique and you will conduct your own transformational modelling project.


9th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 9 - Meta Programmes the Basis of Personality
Meta programmes form the basis of our personalities. Learn how to elicit them in both relationship and business contexts. Invaluable for business and life coaching.


16th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 10 - Part 2: Eliciting and Changing Values
In this module you will learn how to elicit values, check for values conflicts and change values if needed so they are aligned to goals.


16th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 10 - Part 1: An Introduction to Values
This module helps us the understand the importance of values in change work. They are what is most important to us and are often unconscious.


23rd November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 11 - Advanced Strategies and Logical Levels of Therapy
In this module we upgrade your strategies skillset from NLP Practitioner and show you how to elicit, design and implement new strategies for your clients.


23rd November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 12 - Advanced Linguistics
This module takes your linguistic skills to another level. Because anything less than learning advanced linguistics isn't excellence though isn't it!


30th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 13 - Presentation and Platform Skills
In this module we begin to develop your skill as a trainer and a presenter. This is a taster of the NLP Trainers Training.


30th November 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 14 - Transformational Metaphors
Story telling creates change conversationally. You will learn how to design exquisite transformational metaphors for your clients and to use nested loops in change sessions.


7th December 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 15 - Prime Concerns and Other Cool Stuff!
Prime Concerns are the deepest identity level beliefs that span all areas of our lives. We learn to identify and remove those that limit us.


7th December 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 16 - Learning to Undertake a BreakThrough Process
In many ways the Master Practitioner leads to this moment to be able to undertake a BreakThrough Process with your client and change their life.


14th December 2024 - Master Practitioner Module 17 - Time Line Therapy Training
We offer Time Line Therapy at Master Practitioner level to any one who has already completed TLT at Practitioner leve


4th January 2025 - Master Practitioner Module 18 - Presenting the Modelling Projects and Pulling it Altogether
Students present back their modelling projects practicing their platform and presentation skills. And, in readiness for the Breakthrough sessions any MP topic can be reviewed.


11th January 2025 - Master Practitioner Module 19: Delivery of the Breakthrough Process and Graduation
The final piece of the journey where all the learning from the Master Practitioner programmes comes together. Each student gives and receives a Breakthrough session.

Event information

  • Starts November 9th 2024
  • Virtual event