The NLP Business Practitioner

The NLP Personal & Business Practitioner Training is the first stage of your NLP Certification.

19th - 23rd July 2024


R Ramesh Prasad

The NLP Personal & Business Practitioner Training is the first stage of NLP. It is here where you learn the fundamentals of NLP in depth. From my experience of teaching NLP for the past 16 years, I find it as one of the fastest ways for personal transformations. NLP is a powerful tool in personal and professional development, and you will gain new insights into how you think and communicate. These skills can be applied in a range of contexts, from improving relationships to building a successful career.

Expect this programme to change your thinking and your life. You can expect to come away from this training having accelerated your ability to succeed in creating a work and home environment that is full of learning, integrity, care for others, quality, and success. And you will do this in the company of other people who have a passion for making a difference in the world today. This will be an experiential learning platform where you will explore, reflect and put your learning into practice immediately. You can be sure to receive personalized feedback on your progress throughout.

The course is an intensive and I will personally guide you through the learning process. You get to learn the principles of NLP and how to think, and use them for yourself, rather than step by step processes. This programme leads to certification backed by ANLP – the Association for NLP an organization that has been around for a long time. ANLP provides membership and support to certified Practitioners and a huge network of similarly trained people.

Event information

  • Starts July 19th 2024
  • Ends July 23rd 2024
  • Hotel Unique Regency, Dhaka, 1213, Bangladesh