Kash Bhagwat-Brown - Strategy Consultant

Kash Bhagwat-Brown

Kash is the Strategy Consultant with ANLP.  An MBA graduate from the University of Derby, Kash has worked as a Management Consultant and Strategist on four continents with over 60 large corporates in both the Government and Corporate sectors.   The early part of Kash’s career was working in the Oil & Gas, Financial, Technology and Telecoms sectors in Management and Strategy roles.  More recently, he has been working with numerous SMEs as a Strategy Consultant and Mentor to help them turnaround, transform and grow their businesses in line with the goals and aspirations of the owners, directors and shareholders.  

Kash is working with ANLP to expand and develop the Association, to raise the profile of ANLP and NLP nationally and internationally in both the Public and Private sectors of industry and also with the general public.  In achieving this, Kash intends to give ANLP practitioner members a wider market in which to operate their NLP businesses. This will also give those members who have received NLP training or coaching an opportunity to benefit from the wealth of ANLP resources to extend their NLP experience within the growing and dynamic ANLP community.


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