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Andy Coley

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Phone Number023 92449 616
Practice/Training LocationsCentral London
Hither Green, London
South East, London

With my original background being in high-tech computer firms and city banks, I have also been involved as a Director in a number of smaller companies over the last 20 years, mainly in IT and internet sales. During my business career I have found that having a flexible approach is key for your own life as well a within business and yet a number of years ago found myself on that stress and anxiety hamster wheel where nothing seemed to go right. This is when I developed my passion for training, facilitating and coaching. I stopped blaming all around me for what was going wrong and took control. It was fascinating that all it took was me, right then, to decide to make the changes for me. It was amazing how that simple change in mindset made massive changes in all areas of my life.

Since then I have been developing my own skills, enhancing those I already clearly had and then passing on this belief change to others. For me, establishing Beyond Training Solutions with Jo and now guiding people towards finding their own solutions; be that a corporate management team, a group of attendees on a workshop or someone who’s come to us for personal development coaching gives me a real buzz. Watching those lightbulb moments as they realise that all it took was a shift in their own thinking to achieve what they wanted and helping direct and focus that light towards an outcome is why I do what I do.

I have a unique perspective on situations from large organisations through to individuals and this combined with my experience on a personal and professional level means I really enjoy helping others to change, for the better.


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