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Darren Diprose

Membership LevelIntroductory Professional Member
Phone Number07826 729655
Practice/Training LocationsNLP Practitioner Swindon
NLP Practitioner Wiltshire
NLP Practitioner Harley Street
Life Coaching Harley Street
Life Coaching Wiltshire

Jason Fletcher, 15th Feb 2019

I was very impressed by Darren's ability to get to the heart of the matter swiftly with his unique approach, in which he could keep me in the moment to facilitate change.

I really liked how he challenged limitations skilfully, and respectfully. I'm really looking forward to working with Darren again.

Terry Elston, 11th Feb 2019

Darren is a fine character, as well as a fine Practitioner. His skill at determining the issue then using his ability to relieve the client of that problem are a joy to watch.

Comes highly recommended!

Terry Elston, NLP Trainer, Trainer of Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis

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