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Fiona Stimson

Membership LevelProfessional Member
Phone Number07872382765
Practice/Training LocationsFace to face consultations- Surrey
UK & Europe via Skype, Zoom, by phone

Transformational Coaching is my passion, I specialise in confidence improvement, managing anxiety, chronic pain, stress and trauma. In addition, I work with cancer patients and their families to help them manage their mindset during and beyond their treatment. I also coach the hospital staff and managers to improve their performance and help them manage themselves as well as the patients they serve to the best of their ability.
I have a lifelong interest in personal development & started learning to coach, practice NLP and time-based techniques after experiencing a number of major life-changing events. It has helped me to find strength, clarity and direction in my own life and made me a much stronger and authentic person as a result.
I am now able to share that wealth of learning & experience to help others.
My biggest strengths as a coach are my life & professional experience, I have worked in Forensic Science, Clinical Research and Healthcare sectors for 25 years as a Scientist and Senior Manager, so am able to understand the challenges faced as people find themselves in need of support to overcome what may be holding them back and make the changes necessary to move forward.
I have the experience to help clients overcome their fears and move forward in an authentic, open and honest way in line with their true values improving their outcomes and intention.
I believe my clients are capable of anything they wish to achieve & am there to support and guide them in their journey to success.


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