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Joanna Harper

Membership LevelAccredited Trainer Member
Phone Number07778 251122
Practice/Training LocationsEastbourne, Brighton, London, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Faversham, Kent, Sussex, East Sussex, Falmouth, Cornwall.

MATT TOWNSHEND, 29th Apr 2019

Joanna is the most amazing trainer who has helped me with real change in my personal life and more importantly given me real purpose to practice in NLP and life coaching. Joanna is a real inspiration to all those who attend her training and I will be forever grateful to her for the most amazing opportunity.

Cheryl White, 29th Apr 2019

Joanna is an excellent trainer, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient, flexible. She has a skill for making sure every student understands the course materials, sees and celebrates their differences and begins to understand their potential. She radiates an infectious joy and supports the building of strong, supportive bonds between peer groups. Consistently overdelivering, the breadth and depth of Joanna's knowledge and skills become ever more apparent with every new training course. I don't just have a lot more knowledge, I like myself more too, and I feel supported moving forward, way beyond the training. The whole package.


Joanna is a gifted NLP and IEMT practitioner and trainer whose skills have enabled me to create positive change in my own professional and personal life. I recommend her whether you are looking for one-to-one client sessions or to embark on or continue your development as a practitioner.

Felicia Perks, 26th Apr 2018

Joanna is a brilliant trainer, she is empathetic, empowering and I have been training with her since 2016. Her courses are delivered in an inclusive way, with a very high standard, yet realistic expectations of what a learner can achieve, she is professional and very knowledgeable and this is reflected in her course content which is exceptional, she constantly strives to work ethically and expects the same of the people she trains. The support and growth that is offered is second to none and prices are realistic and affordable. I have transformed my own life with the training I have received and look forward to helping others do the same, thanks to Joanna.

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