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Martin Johnson

Membership LevelProfessional Member
Phone Number01737 352000
Practice/Training LocationsSouth London
Wallington & Carshalton
SE England

I’m Martin Johnson and I’ve been coaching since 2005 – both as a business and NLP life coach.

Other qualifications include: Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner; Accredited Strengthscope Practitioner and Certified Belbin Team Roles Practitioner.

I provide a very safe and experienced solution to all kinds of change and moving towards achieving your goals.

I’ve have a proven track record of working with many different companies, helping them to grow their results and their team capabilities. I work with directors to help them clarify goals, set strategies and achieve them. I specialise in helping companies build their leadership and management teams, offering both coaching and management development training workshops – all custom designed and delivered for your business.

In personal NLP / life coaching I help people develop their careers, get ‘unstuck’ from previous setbacks, increase their confidence and get ready to face new and exciting challenges.

I work with all ages and have particular experience supporting teenagers to learn strategies to cope with modern day pressures. I’m the coach that parents feel comfortable bringing their loved ones to.

I also work with professional people looking to move forward in their careers, for example after a career break, selling a successful business (and finding the next challenge) or changing career paths.

I study and improve my own skills constantly and am also a member of the Association for Coaching and the Professional Guild of NLP.

I offer a free telephone consultation to help you find out if NLP or Business coaching is right for you.


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