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Patrick Cave

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Practice/Training LocationsLiverpool Street, London. Bath, Bristol, Salisbury, Cheltenham. All other locations if expenses paid. Worldwide sessions via Skype/Google Hangouts

Anne D, 16th Jul 2019

I contacted Patrick to get some help with anxiety about an assessment. I’d not experienced anything like it before and was lying awake at night, stressed and upset, and just thinking about the preparation I had to do made me feel sick. I’d already talked it over in depth with several people and nothing was changing and I just felt stuck. I was a bit unsure about the idea of hypnotherapy but decided I had to try something different! I'm so glad I did.

Patrick’s approach was relaxed, fun and friendly and I felt lighter as soon as I left the session. In the following weeks I was in a much calmer and happier place, and felt as though I was coming back to my normal self. I stopped lying awake at 3am and I managed to approach the preparation work without feeling awful. My happy, silly side (which had temporarily disappeared) came back too so that was a pretty good outcome!

I went back for a second session closer to the assessment as a “top up” and three weeks later I went in for my exam, calm and prepared. Given how stressed I had been before seeing Patrick it felt like a bit of a miracle! I successfully passed and I now have my qualification!

Kate Knowler, 24th Oct 2018

I booked an appointment to see Patrick due to some difficult and turbulent relationship issues.

During our appointment, I began to realise that I wasn't the only one in the relationship with issues, and that the relationship that I'd been desperately fighting for so long to keep stable was actually toxic to me and my children. Using Patrick's techniques, I was able to block the negative emotions coming my way, and within 48 hours of our appointment, the toxic relationship was over.

I felt a huge release of emotion, and despite my entire world being thrown upside down in such a short period of time, I felt in control for the first time in a long time.

I feel stronger now, and the lives and wellbeing of myself and my children are now my priority.

I didn't expect this outcome at all. But I am so pleased that it happened. I can't recommend Patrick highly enough!

Olivia Murphy, 17th Jul 2018

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I went for my first appointment with Patrick however he very quickly put me at ease and the treatment I received was excellent. To put it simply I feel lighter and better equipped to deal with things. The visualisation work in particular helped me manage the negative mind set I was in. I highly recommend Patrick. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with him.

Nina Zilic, 23rd May 2018

I really didn’t know what to expect when I went for my session with Patrick. I knew that after years of being in the dating world I couldn’t seem to find the right man or the right relationship. And I also felt that underneath my confident happy surface there was something a little bit sad or something hurting. I was surprised at how quickly these things were uncovered in the session and that I was given the chance to truly love myself at last and allow myself to heal. What a lovely feeling!
The REAL surprise – a touch of magic - was that within a couple of weeks of the session I met someone, the kind of man I have hoped to meet for so long! I feel amazing! Now all I have to do is give myself permission to enjoy these beautiful new developments, and you know what? I think I can do that now!
Thank you Patrick!

Katie kirby, 20th May 2018

After just one session with Patrick, I found a huge weight lifted. There was sudden clarity where there hadn't been in some time and I felt safe in a space where I could express myself honestly without judgement. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and definitely something I would like to continue. I also very much appreciated the tools offered by Patrick to not only overcome certain issues but to work towards a more focused, balanced me.

Lucy Billington, 13th Dec 2017

My one session with Patrick has made an enormous difference to my life and enabled me to understand the way in which I do have a choice in my reactions to life events. He combined humour with sensitivity to make me feel at ease and I was amazed at how powerful parts of the session were. I now have some useful tools, which I regularly use to stop myself slipping back into limiting, destructive behaviour and I generally feel more positive and in control of my own life than I can remember.
I am now training to be a NLP practitioner with kids and will return for a second session with Patrick in the New Year.
Patrick's follow-up support has also been excellent and his genuine empathy shines through.

Alex F, 25th Oct 2017

I can't quite explain it, I still feel like me, I just feel like I have been given a new control panel for my mind. One that works. The changes within me continue to develop with time. I feel lighter somehow and continue to get lighter and happier. I'm extremaly greatful for the assisntance I received from Patrick and would strongly urge anyone considering this path to go ahead and embrace it. Very powerful!

A Laumeier, 15th Aug 2017

It's like I have stepped out of my own way. I'd love to be able to say that I don't have the same thoughts but I am now very aware of these thoughts and recognise that they no longer serve me.

Thank you for your help and thank you for creating a safe space where I could heal.

C T, 21st Jul 2017

Patrick has helped me to tackle a phobia that I thought I was burdened with for life. One session, followed later with "booster" session has seen a major improvement with my ability to face my fear. I can highly recommend Patrick.

J E, 29th Jun 2017

Powerful, immediately effective and fun. That's how I'd describe my much needed hypnotherapy session with Patrick in his calm and welcoming London therapy room. Prior to my session I was suffering with extreme fear and anxiety and the moment I felt it leave me during the session I felt feeling like the strong and capable woman able to take on any challenge again. So thankful for you Patrick.

Rebecca Hancock, 12th Apr 2017

I have had one session with Patrick which addressed an issue i felt the effect of but wasnt able to quantify myself. Through some powerful exercises I have managed to excise this issue and actually whenever I feel my mind slipping back all I need to do is remember the exercise and how I felt and I am immediately back on track.

Joshua De Matteis, 19th Jan 2017

Went to Patrick really not knowing what to expect and admittedly a little sceptical. I'd had strong issues with mind blocks and general self confidence and wasn't very sure how much an hour and a half can do for quite a deep-set problem. However, I went in with an open mind and after two sessions of really useful conversations and some powerful exercises I noticed significant changes in thought processes and my general understanding of how we perceive things. Patrick has helped hugely and given me tools that I can also apply to other areas of my life. Very nice guy who I felt cared about my results.

Al V, 16th Jan 2017

Patrick is a true uplifter and provides invaluable guidance to a happier life. I found the session extremly interesting and it was confirming and most importantly - addressing - patterns l have noticed but not understood the source or impact of.. 
Patrick has a fantastic insight and understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how to change thought processes that do not serve you.

Jules L, 14th Jan 2017

My first visit to Patrick came about when I was at a very low emotional ebb. Patrick had been a social acquaintance for a few years, and seeing me vent my despair on social media, offered me a session. I accepted his offer, although being of fairly cynical and sceptical mind, I attended my first session with very low expectations of the outcome and pretty much of the opinion that I had nothing to lose, but would give it a try.

Within that hour and a half, he managed to successfully lay to rest, and give me strategies to cope with and contain, many negative thought and behaviour patterns that had been established long before and had been carried from a traumatic adolescence into adulthood.

Since that first session, I have felt a much happier and calmer person, who is better placed to cope with the uncertainties and stresses life throws at you via practical and mental techniques he has helped me learn.

I have since returned for a second session to help me quit smoking, and thus far, his assistance appears to have worked via his methods that mix empathy, discipline and humour in such a way as to make difficult life changes seem not just possible but already inside you, waiting to step forward to the future.

Adina Dirlea, 3rd Oct 2016

I met Patrick during my pactritioner training. Throughout the week Patrick was both an extraordinary coach and he also helped me with my problems. I was carrying with me so many negative emotions and suffering, both mine and deep empathy for the suffering of my loved ones. After a session with Patrick all that was gone and I feel so much lighter now. Thank you so much Patrick!

Glo Maslen, 16th Sep 2016

I have one session with Patrick, WOW, what a difference it made, my son hung himself in July and I thought I would never ever get over it but the coping tactics that Patrick taught me in this "one" session really worked. Thank you Patrick, I can start to get my life back because of you.

Sam Angel, 26th Aug 2016

My one session with you back in Sept had such a positive impact just quietly and unbeknown to me - my subconscious really did get to work and within six months I was loving a new job and really had a boost to my confidence as I lost weight and enjoyed going to the gym. Thank you. Sam

Joanne Anon, 15th Aug 2016

I’m continuing to see change and have found that I am much better able to remain confident in circumstances that would previously have beset me with doubt. I had a lovely concrete experience of this just the other day, when my father did his usual “jokey” assertion that I wasn’t very smart, and I simply said that clearly wasn’t the case and moved the conversation on. I left the call without the normal anger that I would have experienced. I didn’t feel like I had anything to prove.

Thanks again for your help – we’ve kicked a process into life that is helping me every day.

Idit Arad, 5th Aug 2016

If you are looking for an amazing NLP coach, I could not recommend more highly that you contact Patrick Cave. You will not regret it! :)

Francesca Chambers, 31st Jul 2016

Things are going great. I wanted to say thank you for helping me, I feel so much better around insects now! I saw a bumblebee the other day and for the first time in my life I found it rather beautiful to look at and was rather fascinated by it. Thanks so much

Ben Ramsay, 7th Jul 2016

I am GREAT! Still not drinking. Religiously going to the gym every other day. Sleeping much better, which is so good. Certainly a happier and more focused human being. You are quite possibly my favourite person! Cheers. Ben

Lulu Atkinson, 27th Jun 2016

Incredible Patrick, a huge knife has been taken out…when I think of my mum, it’s easier to do and not at all the same...if my pain was at 10 it's now a 2
I was blown away at the powerfulness of the experience!
I was aware as soon as I opened my eyes this morning that something felt different. Very hard to explain, sort of a lighter feeling within…not ecstatic joy, a lightness...rather like something missing that wasn't if u have had a toothache for so long it is part of you, one day you wake with no’s that sort of feeling.
Lots of weird things happening and all of them good... feeling a little humbled and a lot of gratitude.
I'm feeling happily gobsmacked!!! THANK YOU!!!

Nick Cole, 19th May 2016

For many years I suffered with a severe fear of flying to the point I would bottle flights at the departure gate, suffer anxiety attacks weeks before knowing I would be flying - albeit a rare occurrence having only managed to take two 1 hour long flights in the last 12 years.

I was recommended to try NLP as a way to help and having reached the point in life that not flying was now causing me to regret not being able to see the world, I also had a business need to travel, to the USA.

I found Patrick on ANLP and arranged a session with him. Patrick is a friendly, calm and professional guy who clearly has great knowledge of the techniques he uses to treat an extreme irrational fear like mine. I left my session with Patrick feeling gradually more empowered as the days towards my planned trip passed and eventually making the trip with ease (3 plane journeys, 2 countries in 3 days).

Quite frankly, the result is amazing and I can highly recommend Patrick to anybody who wants to free themselves from the grips of a phobia.

G R, 13th Jan 2016

Thank you Patrick!

I just thought I'd let you know that I am doing really well. Looking back, ever since I had that session with you I haven't really thrown up any more. It is crazy how different I feel and how I no longer get the self-destructive urges I had before. I constantly feel like everything is falling into place now: it is amazing! Am happy now and feel like I'm free and living a whole new life.

So thank you!

Diana Pommills, 4th Jan 2016

The session I experienced with Patrick was a multi level experience.

The focus and vigor that Patrick blends with a very grounded, fun and emotive approach held a very safe and inspirational space to unpick my stuff.. I continue to step in the world a little brighter, bolder, and feel juicy and dare I say "Full Bodied" and so much kinder to myself about each day and the potential of the future.

Jan T, 3rd Jan 2016

I continue to be thrilled by my progress. As new (and old) challenges appear I can take them in my stride, any slight (and I mean very slight) apprehension prior to an event proves to be totally unfounded and I know I will continue to build on this positivity.

I've had previous experience with hypnotherapy, many years ago - some proved to be a waist of time (and money!) and it wasn't until I was on my third therapist that I gained any benefits at all.

Then in 2015 I found myself once again in need of help and discovered Patrick (aka The Caveman) and NLP. I can categorically say Patrick's ability to work his magic means I will not need to search anymore for the solution to problems which rational thinking cannot cure. It's simple – Patrick has given me the solution, I cannot thank him enough.

Laura B, 3rd Sep 2015

"Whilst meeting Patrick over another matter (social media services) I happened to disclose an irrational fear I had had for many years. We talked about this briefly and then went back to our main subject.

Later I was amazed to discover that my fear had reduced! When I told Patrick he disclosed that he had dropped a few suggestions into the conversation. I wonder what a formal session might achieve!"

Laura B, SW England

Alice M, 23rd Aug 2015

Patrick helped me with an irrational obsession that was taking over every waking minute. He was so easy to work with, being both fascinating and funny and also a great observer. I felt significant results straightaway, a massive shift, and have benefited from ongoing improvement and insights into myself since. It's a shame he's so effective as he's so wise and interesting that I would enjoy further sessions - I urge you to try him!!

Diana Cambridge, 21st Aug 2015

Patrick is an exemplary and singular coach. His coaching is both robust and witty – he’ll make you smile and move you on. I began to feel the benefits of his coaching from Day One.
Diana Cambridge, (Journalist and Writer) Bath

Anonymous, 16th Jul 2015

All very very good since the session. My 2 events went extremely well. I seem to be a little apprehensive just before leaving home, but I do my calming exercise(s) and then just get on with it, without a hitch :):):). Afterwards I feel chuffed to bits :):):).
... is definitely building my confidence
Jan T, Wiltshire

Nicky Don't want to say, 15th Jul 2015

Just thought I'd let you know I had the opportunity to use the Relax Reset Renew MP3 last night. I'd had a super busy evening working and ended up finishing very late with a very chattery head which just wouldn't quit.

Adding to that I had to be up at a specific time to drive across the country... knowing I have to get up early puts additional pressure on me going to sleep which often prevents me going to sleep, as in this case.

Even after [medication and] trying my usual relaxation/distraction methods for going to sleep..they all failed me and then i remembered the MP3.

Well, I must say, I'm surprised and impressed... being quite a "facts + numbers orientated" sort of person I've not had a huge amount of success with alternative therapy type things when used on myself (though I see other people get benefits). But...After one listen (in bed, on headphones) I felt better & noticeably more relaxed, after 3 or 4 (consecutive) listens my arms and legs were melting into the bed and after 5-6 listens, I ended up (as I realised later) full-on lucid dreaming which I'd heard about but never been able to experience myself. Very cool indeed and totally unexpected.

Nicky (Northern Ireland)

Katy H, 15th Jul 2015

"Wow wow wow wow wow wow...Just listened to your Relax Reset Renew [MP3] and it's amazing... the healing really hits the nail on the head for me... I just melted away. Love it."
Katy, UK

Nena C, 4th Jun 2015

"I had an anger moment [as I used to]... but immediately the blue-white spinning wheel cleared it. The amazing thing was [for the first time] there was no guilt afterwards. I have noticed I'm more objective and less emotionally charged...; I realise that I wasn't as aware before I started as I am now, about the most important things to me. It's all about me getting my freedom!"

Nena C, London

T K, 31st May 2015

"I was uncertain about sharing my closely-held fears with a stranger but immediately felt I could trust Patrick. He's helped me shift a heavy burden and I highly recommend Patrick and NLP to everyone."
Ted K.

Nicola Burgess, 24th Mar 2015

I booked a session with Patrick as in spite of clear progress with psychotherapy I still felt ‘stuck’ at some deeper level and in need of a different approach in order to move on. Certain reactions and thought patterns seemed indelibly written within me and remained all too easily provoked. So, I took a chance on hypnotherapy.

I was nervous about hypnotherapy as I wasn’t sure what to expect, fearing that it might involve 'losing control’. In psychotherapy I’d learnt to recognise how, as a child, I’d developed a tendency to dissociate when overwhelmed. This fear reaction can undermine confidence, in stepping out of one's comfort zone for instance, and having achieved some hard-won stability I was anxious not to lose this. Hence handing over - what seemed like control - to someone else - was a big ask!

I’m smiling here, as I type these words and thinking back to my initial session with Patrick, as it was wonderfully liberating to learn that I needn’t have been afraid. The best part for me personally was that I wasn't particularly aware of the techniques he used and I am grateful for this, his skill, in enabling me to … how can I say.. dive beneath my fear in spite of my long held instinct to not 'let go' come no matter what! I left the session amazed it had worked. How did he get past me? The part of ‘me’ that wouldn’t 'let go’ for fear I would ‘crash'. Impressive!

So, the second time I saw Patrick I felt more relaxed, found it easier to open up and knew I had begun to tackle issues of control or fear of sliding into dissociation from a place I’d not been able to do so before.

Then, after the 3rd session, I experienced a further shift, a deeper breakthrough. I could actually feel my fear in a more distinct way. I was not overwhelmed by the waves of fear - I could feel both myself AND the fear. This was liberating. I noticed over the next few weeks how previous situations that may have undermined my confidence didn’t do so nearly as much. These 3 sessions helped me feel the very step I had taken in that short space of time.

Patrick’s humour during our sessions encouraged me to see and share the funny side of my fear of fear and before I realised it - I’d dived in and under my fear and came up smiling!

Vicky Edwards, 13th Jan 2015

I initially contacted Patrick to eliminate a problem that seemed to be getting close to becoming a phobia, that I had had in various forms throughout my life. However, from the beginning, the first session went off at a tangent to cover the difficult emotions I had been having in recent months. I was very happy to deal with this instead as I felt it would in fact be more useful to me in making big changes in my life.

I found Patrick very easy and relaxing to be with and I enjoyed the 3 sessions I had. After months of an unpleasant emotional feeling occurring every day, it only occurred once more and hasn't come back since. I also had some amazingly powerful dreams where it seemed my mind was being re-organised.

I am certainly in a much more positive frame of mind now and I'm hoping the sessions will help me achieve some major changes this year!

Bethany Please, 20th Nov 2014

I went to Patrick with a strong fear of driving. After each session, I felt much more confident but I had some stubborn fear triggers that were lingering. After the third session, we both felt that something big had shifted. The driving is now mostly positive as well as other aspects of my life! I feel like the tools that Patrick gave me really help with keeping calm and confident. Focusing the mind/head down to below the belly button is great and visualising me as super girl gives me a great distraction. I have had some longer drives that have felt good. I feel like the sessions were extremely positive and I came out feeling very calm, confident and ready to face the world.

Alex Arcoleo, 11th Nov 2014

I walked out of my hypnosis session with Patrick feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Not only did he help to alleviate my ongoing sleep disorder in one session, but also reaffirmed the positive outlook I possessed before the problem. I can't recommend his services highly enough

Moira Smith, 1st Sep 2014

I would like to highly recommend the treatments that Patrick can offer.
At the beginning we made a contract so that we both had an understanding of the issue and what an acceptable resolution would be, which Patrick was very good at helping me to write this.
The questionnaire I was given at the beginning was very useful in helping me keep focused on the issue at hand and gain a better understanding of the problem.
After one 2 hr session, I can now easily, with no effort visualise myself without the behaviour I was trying to remove from my life in such a positive way, it is like second nature now.
The instant results are quite remarkable and currently I don’t see any need to have anymore.
The quick connection Patrick made with me to feel at ease was also a major help.
The only thing I would like to add, is that I think with these treatments, you have to have quite a strong desire to change to make this successful, Patrick then gives you the techniques to execute it.

David Key, 11th Aug 2014

Patrick is an inspirational NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotist and NOW...a qualified ABH Trainer of Hypnosis.

He is passionate, funny and dedicated to making a difference to his clients. I know clients working with Patrick will feel his passion and allowhim to be the catalyst for their change...

Saima Din, 9th Aug 2014

Seeking support from Patrick was one of the best things I could have done for my career and my personal daemons. He understood me well and with his support I have made great inroads into achieving my goals.
S Din Key skills teacher.

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