Agata Palmer

Agata Palmer

Dynamic, compassionate coach that can get you through and beyond!

I am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. My style is dynamic, outcome-focused, compassionate and challenging – the only way is forward and upwards.I  have done a lot of work  with clients online before the pandemic, so I can assure you that the sessions can work as well as face-to-face work.

I believe that when you choose to work with me, you yearn for change enough to do the work. Even if you doubt in own ability to make the quantum leap, I will be with you every step of the way.

I will support your amazing human capacity to transform and transcend past limiting beliefs, phobias, past trauma and more. Yet you will do the work yourself, as I guide you and keep the space safe.

I love my work when I get to witness clients taking quantum leaps in their lives.

I have background in linguistics, education, mentoring, Guided Visualizations and running Vision Board workshops.

I live my life to the full and walk my talk. I am qualified by life’s ups and downs in exploring the depth of human nature and still coming through. I have worked on all aspects of my life in order to be of real value in helping others transform theirs.


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

NLP Trainer

Specialist skills

  • Eating Disorders
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Phobias
  • Stress Management

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Laura Bernas

A Review by Laura Bernas

Agata is an excellent therapist. She is a careful listener who is able to get to the core of what you mean and how you think easily and compassionately. I often feel that no time is wasted in my sessions with her. From the beginning to the end of a session I feel progress being made and I can see how that progress has connected to my life over time. Her presence is a joy to be with. I always feel uplifted and empowered after doing work in our sessions and can see how what we work on sticks with me. Agata holds a deeply intuitive and intelligent understanding of people. She is able to connect quickly and really bring out the work that needs to be done within a session. I appreciate the clarity of her communication and the continued support she provides me. I have experienced other therapists over the past 5 years and will attest to Agata being one of the best I have encountered.

Paulina Lenoir

A review by Paulina Lenoir

Agata is a wonderfully warm, intuitive, creative and compassionate person. During my sessions with her I discovered and uncovered numerous things about myself that have helped me grow and look at things in a new light. She helped me transform old ways of thinking and reacting to situations by helping me understand the same scenario through a different lens and perspective. She is incredibly generous and open in the way she works which allows you to feel comfortable whilst you're uncovering often otherwise uncomfortable blockages. The session feels very personal and her intuitive nature makes it so that its tailored specifically to you and what she thinks will benefit you personally in that moment. It was my first experience with NLP, so I was a bit nervous before the session but as soon as I met Agata I felt at ease and knew that I was in good hands. I feel extremely lucky to have had Agata as my coach, she is a wonderful human being and an incredible coach and I highly recommend her.

F Fourcroy

A review by F Fourcroy

Agata is an incredible, powerful and wonderful human being. She helps me lifting mountains throughout the sessions and after. Her coaching is helping me build a strong awareness of the present and allows me to change old and deep habits in a very noticeable way.
She is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive person who uses all her magic tool to liberate her clients from their cages.
I have been taken on the most amazing journey and pushed many boundaries since I have started working with Agata. She is bottomless with ressources and leads you to find peace in your life and in yourself.
I would only recommend her to anyone ready to go on their own beautiful journey.

Alasdair Saksena

A review by Alasdair Saksena

Agata is great. After one session alone she helped me to change my whole outlook on life. The tools I have found with her have uses in pretty much all situations. After a few sessions I feel like I have really begun to develop myself and feel far more present and equipped to cope with the big things life brings up.
I had never tried NLP before and Agata introduces and eases you in with great aplomb and a cool calm manner. She doesn't promise you the world on a plate, but helps you find it yourself. I would highly recommended Agata to anyone who is in a spot of bother, and as a shining example of how to give a human face and heart to NLP.

Valerie Bowes

A review by Valerie Bowes

I have recently worked with Agata and found her to be deeply intuitive and compassionate in her approach, leading me with firmness and confidence towards my goal with an amazingly simple yet profound method of feedback that helped establish new pathways to solving problems.
Agata is an incredibly warm, intelligent, competent and honourable practitioner who is deeply committed to her work and to bringing about change in those she works with. I cannot praise her highly enough and would recommend her to anyone seeking to bring about positive changes in their lives.


A review by Kate DONNELLY

I found my NLP session with Agate revelatory . Agata is incredibly intuitive, wise and compassionate. I have tried other therapies and felt I should feel something but with Agata's guidance I had a profound and remarkable understanding of past events which instantly helped me to understand why I am stuck. Agata provided me with knowledge and tools to move my life forward and be my authentic self. I would highly recommend Agata Palmer as your NLP practitioner.

A review by Benjamin Morton

I had the pleasure of being in a NLP training room on more than one occasion with Agata and I can say with conviction that she is a natural coach and works in areas of NLP with real professionalism.

Very confident and knowledgable in our field and someone I would work with again and again.

If you are looking for a qualified professional coach then contact her NOW.

Very grateful to have met this wonderful lady.

Benjamin Morton
Marvellous Mindset Ltd

A review by Terry H Elston

Agata is a natural coach, she uses all her skills and senses throughout her work, she also brings decades of linguistic and transformative experience, enriching her methodology. She works dynamically, with compassion and focus.

Choosing Agata to work with, you will get a focused approach from first contact to the end of session, with a follow up task. You will be challenged gently and reap the benefits from her skilful and committed approach to provide an optimum platform for each client’s transformation.

As her trainer, I have seen Agata’s full potential at work and am happy to recommend her as a highly skilled and effective coach. who will be make a real difference in the life of her clients.

Terry Elston, NLP Trainer, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and Time Based Techniques, CPD Presenter

A review by Bernie Ritchie

Agata was born to be an NLP Coach. Her professional experience and own rich life experience contribute to an NLP session with Agata which is profound. She has the ability to put you at your ease, while probing gently but firmly to drive you to a place of deep subconscious thought - and arrive at areas in your mind and memories that you were not aware you would arrive at and had long forgotten. Agata works closely and intensely with you during your session - her energy and intuition is significant - to help you arrive at powerful insights and conclusions.

The strength of Agata's personality - intensity, emotional intelligence, sense of humour, her own person - means that anyone who undergoes an NLP session with Agata will enjoy the benefits of a truly authentic, powerful and insightful experience that will provide fantastic benefits for a long time afterwards. I can highly recommend an NLP session with Agata.

Sally Chick

A review by Sally Chick

I found the session quite astonishing! At first I found it difficult to summon memories especially about specific links to confidence - so all I did was talk about the things that came straight into my head at that moment. The state of relaxation Agata put me in was unbelievable and something I never thought possible with just words! When I recalled the memories it was so vivid I saw the colours and everything so clearly which was lovely and painful at times. It made me think. I will now see how things go in regards to thoughts feelings, confidence.. presenting in the future than I do currently! So this is good!
It was my first visit and trial of any kind of therapy. I am not particular confident and my nature is not to shout about myself and certainly do not feel comfortable talking about myself for any length of time. Agata immediately made me feel completely comfortable and guided me through the session with incredible skill, ease and calmness. I was quite astonished at what we ‘unearthed’, the feelings I reconnected to and truths found out during the session. I felt quite liberated afterwards.