Linda Hamilton-Ross

Linda Hamilton-Ross

My unique Treat and Teach method helps adults and children with anxiety, confidence, weight loss, removing your problem BUT teaching you to help yourself forever

You only have one life. I don't think it should be spoiled by having chronic problems. 

In my specialities, anxiety, low confidence and weight loss, I practise my unique process of Treat and Teach. This means I will deal with your problem, speedily and for good, but then I want you to be equipped too. So you can deal with some future problems yourself. Accompanying every programme I offer there are resources that teach you how to use the powerful techniques I use myself. Many of them are specially tailored for use by children.

Anxiety Relief

Having suffered myself from chronic anxiety in the past, sometimes for years at a time, I have become passionate about releasing others from that awful experience. Worrying all the time. Unable to relax and just enjoy life. Feeling as if it's entirely out of your control. Maybe panic attacks.

The Natural Calm Programme brings rapid relief and covers the three foundations of a confident and happy life - first of all we focus on you becoming calm and strong by removing the root cause of your anxiety and re-setting the triggers that used to make you feel bad. Then using the same process we build your confidence and resilience, making you able to withstand anything that life throws at you. Finally I put you in control of every conversation you ever have. Communication skills are powerful and most people have never learned any. If you have any triggers that make you feel weak or nervous in conversation or confrontations then I will switch them off so you have a clear mind and open choice. After my treatment you will win at every conversation.  

Natural Weight Loss

One of the most rewarding results I see is when I help a client with a weight problem.

Because diets are not a solution! If you stop the weight goes back on! 

So I created the Natural Weight Loss Programme based on the same tools and skills I use for any problem. Removing the root cause results in a totally new relationship to food, also removing the unconscious setting that makes you hold onto weight. Cravings and triggers are shut down.

Smaller portions just happen by themselves and broccoli becomes your favourite treat! No! I'm joking about the broccoli. In fact it's even better than that. You are completely free to have a lovely treat any time you like. You will no longer feel food guilt or fear of falling off the wagon. As one of my client said, there is no wagon to fall off. 

How does this all happen?

NLP is like learning the language that your brain speaks, in particular your unconscious mind. The conscious mind seems to speak the same language as your mouth, right? But no matter how many times you declare that you are giving up smoking, cake, procrastinating, worrying etc a part of your mind keeps on making you do it! 

When you choose to get help from an NLP Master the game changes. I am trained in advance techniques that will communicate with that hidden part and reset the goal. You have a problem because that's the way you are set up. But I know where the settings menu is! I can go in and simply switch it off!

That ends the battle. For the first time both parts of the mind are going after the same thing. 

It does seem magical and you won’t know how good it is until you try.

To try it out for fee visit my website  and click on Get Started For Free on the About Page.

Check out my Facebook Page  where you'll also pick up free help or get in touch by email or phone to book a chat about the problem you want to remove for good. or +44 (0)7779647642


NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

Specialist skills

  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Confidence Building
  • Eating Disorders
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Phobias

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A review by Terry H Elston

Linda is a fantastic Master Practitioner of NLP who leads the way with her incisive and bright thinking with regards to her clients issues. I've followed her practise for over a year and delight in the way she works with people.

Comes highly recommended!

Terry Elston. NLP Trainer, Trainer of Time Based Techniques and Trainer of Hypnotherapy.