Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann has been in clinical practice since 1997 and is a very experienced Master Practitioner of NLP.

Michael Kaufmann is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™, an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and a Master & Teacher of Reiki Healing.

Since starting his clinical practice in 1997, Michael has helped hundreds of people make important changes in their lives, to become healthier, stop smoking, loose weight, gain emotional freedom, enjoy greater confidence and overcome limiting beliefs.

Michael can help you

• release negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, sadness, hurt.
• find emotional balance and a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.
• release limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve…”
• address the mental-emotional side of any health problem.

• overcome unwanted habits such as smoking, nail biting, over-eating.
• overcome allergies in a fast and effective way.
• overcome phobias and fear of flying.
• improve performance and access optimum states.

Testimonials from Michael’s clients;

“It has been two years since my NLP session with you and I am still off the cigarettes!” Ed D.

“I have just come out of a team meeting – and guess what? I spoke up today for the first time in three months. A breakthrough I would say! I feel like I am more myself and linking it. Thank you!” Rachel O.

“I’ve felt a huge difference in myself since our last session. I’ve found I still get the idea to eat all that junk food, but there is little to no urge behind it anymore and it passes quickly. I must say, it’s strange to be able to have biscuits in my drawer and not demolish them. Amazing!” Rita C.

Over the years, Michael has become renowned for his expertise and enthusiasm as a trainer in the field of healing and human development having trained hundreds of healing practitioners in the U.K. and abroad. His book "Understanding Reiki" was published by First Stone Publishing in 2004, IBSN 1-904439-22-5

Michael also runs bi-monthly meditation courses, designed specifically to ensure success for beginners and also to enhance the practice of experienced meditators with a new and effective combination of techniques; see www.reiki-meditation.co.uk

NLP sessions with Michael are also available over the internet via Skype.

Get help with lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, stop/quit smoking, weight loss, health, anxiety, stress and burn out, phobias, lack of motivation, lack of directions, limiting beliefs, life management, worries, relationship issues, emotional upsets, bereavement, grief, loss, family issues, public speaking, inner conflicts, negativity, negative self-image, insomnia, nervousness, goals, decision making, feelings of inferiority, inferiority complex, healing the past, forgiveness, feelings of shame, lack of concentration.


NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by ICS Trainings

Specialist skills

  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Confidence Building
  • Eating Disorders
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Memory Strategies
  • Motivation
  • Phobias
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Training offered

  • Specialised Workshops

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