Mojca Henigman

Mojca Henigman

NLP Master Practitioner, mBIT Coach & certified Performance Coach - Empowering people to live more mindful, courageous, successful lives, aligned with their values.

I feel passionate about NLP and coaching, in the greater context of spirituality and consciousness, and what they can do for people who are ready to change, grow and evolve their life into a more joyful, fulfilling experience.

Emotional fitness and living purposefully are the areas I specialise in and help my clients with most. If we aren't emotionally fit, all our good intentions likely aren't brought to life, and all the joy we could experience, remains but a potential.

I take a spiritual view of life and our journey through it, which I weave into my coaching work. Of course respecting my clients' map of the world!

I define spirituality simply as that which is beyond our physical and mental identity, as "something greater than our individual self" that runs through our whole lives, connecting us with the rest of humanity and the natural world, and that can be purposefully tapped into - for better outer results and inner fulfilment.

Through working with me, my clients gain self-awareness, clarity on their life direction, calm stress and build courage to pursue what they most want. Most of my clients seek more balance in their busy and stressed lives...looking to start or grow their passion project, business or practice, with a sense of wellbeing and purpose.

Encouraging them to tap into their inner resources, as well as introducing tools of my own, I help them to master "the dance" that establishing balance entails. We also dig into their vision, mission or purpose, values, strengths and identity. We craft the strategy and a plan of action to get moving forward towards that which feels most fulfilling to them. Along the way, we clear the self-imposed limitations that pop up - often these are parts of us that need to be recognised and healed.

Since we all are human beings before human doings, I support my clients to ground and connect with the being dimension before they engage in the doing. This way, they can access their deep inner wisdom which empowers their actions (and settles the stress).

As a result, they can BE who they're capable of being, and DO what needs doing to make their life purpose and life vision manifest. HAVING the things they want comes almost as a side effect, especially if they're aligned with what would make them truly happy and fulflled. Perhaps surprisingly, this way of being also helps with productivity (working on the right things and not squandering our energy).

I work with clients 1:1 and also run occasional workshops and group programs online - see my website for more details:



NLP Practitioner

Trained by Sarah Urquhart / The Coaching Academy

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Richard Bandler and John and Kathleen LaValle / Society of NLP

Specialist skills

  • Career Change
  • Confidence Building
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Personal Resilience
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management

Spoken languages

  • English

Practice/Training Locations

Online Lüneburg, Hamburg, Germany London, United Kingdom

Offers virtual sessions

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Great Coaching Sessions

Mojca has been thorough and organised in her approach to life coaching and helping me navigate my career, personal goals and life path. I think she has helped in an incredible way to clarify many misconceptions I had, and to chart a way forward for all my life ambitions.
I highly encourage others to have a couple of sessions with her to achieve the same results.

David K

Incredible Coach

Mojca is the most incredible coach I've ever had the privilege of working with. I cannot thank her enough for going above and beyond for me. Her coaching was tailored exactly to my needs, and she would always find a way to masterfully tailor our sessions to target my areas of concern.

She constantly found ways of digging deep, tapping into my potential, and helping me to grow exponentially throughout our sessions. As someone who's quite career-oriented, Mojca helped with accountability, support, and gave me the tools to unleash infinite amounts of clarity, focus, and motivation.

Her sessions are worth their weight in gold. All I can say is, get your typing-fingers warmed up, because you're going to want to capture Mojca's infinite wisdom.

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