Panagiotis Barbarigos

Panagiotis Barbarigos

I am NLP enthousiast, eager to learn and serve the ANLP Community and NLP in general!

Dear reader,

I come from the field of Family Businesses and I hold them dear in my heart! I served them for 20 years as a Marketing and BoD Executive and my love for Marketing and Personal Development is what it got me to seek and start my Business as a Behavioral Strategist - NLP Coach. My way of thinking in life and of course in Coaching, is highly strategic and I am trained in a very diverse bouquet of disciplines apart from NLP. I am a Certfied mBit Coach, a Certified MicroExpressions and Body Language Practitioner and I am also trained in Provocative Coaching and use it in my work to create dynamics and fun. 

My Coaching work focuses mainly on longterm cooperations with Coachees who really want to invest in themselves for becoming the persons they envision to be and are in search for their deep, gutsy authentic identity, rather than approaching Coaching as short term fix for problemsolving. I strongly believe it is better to Coach someone how to fish, than providing him or her with the day's meal!

Another aspect of my work is combining NLP and mBit Wisdom-ing with Conventional Marketing Techniques and Approaches for achieving coherent results, especially for Smaller Businesses and Entrepreneurs who usually do not have neither the time nor the knowledge to do it! I focus especially in the creation of such a strong, appealing and real Personal Storytelling for my Clients to use, for Personal & for Marketing Purposes! There is a point inside the stories people tell about themselves, which is elaborately hidden under the family's and society's Programming they have sustained, which when accessed, it unlocks magic!

A final aspect of my work is the designing & creation of Succession Plans for Family Businesses & Families, using NLP as the tool for capturing the Company and Family Experience in a way that can be taught and in the Generations to come and of course in Businesses to serve as the bases for crafting a Company Culture in a more Strategic way. 

My more conventional training is in Mechanical Engineering (Diploma), in Manufaturing Engineering (BEng) and I hold an MBA all from Cardiff University in Wales.

My services include: Personal & Professional NLP Coaching Sessions, mBit Coaching Sessions, NLP Marketing Coaching & Consulting, as well as, custom Strategic Interventions.


Thank you!



NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Dynamic Equilibrium Systems ( INLPTA)

NLP Coach

Trained by Dynamic Equilibrium Systems ( INLPTA)

Specialist skills

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation
  • Organisational Development
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Personal Resilience
  • Sales
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Study Skills
  • Team Building
  • Weight Management

Spoken languages

  • English

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Nick Daradimos

Co-operation with Panagiotis

Panagiotis is a true chef. A genius guy that mixes ideally the unique personality of his client and imprints it to his/her business. Having Panagiotis as a partner, is one of the most important strategic tools for business improvement as well as self-knowing.
Panagiotis is a catalyst that accelerates two - seemingly different - compounds: the personal growth and illumination along with business differentiation! An this is unique!

Thanks Panagiotis for being an honourable partner of me

Georgia Koukoula

Subconscious Brand Rocks!

Panagiotis is a living & breathing example of inspiration and self-development.

We started working together on a graphic design project, which he had asked me to create for him and the timing was pivotal as we met at a very important moment in my life. I couldn't find out what would be the next step for my "personal branding".

During our online meetings, we covered some really interesting topics about branding, sales, and communication skills, all revolving around the exciting concept of my Subconscious Brand! However, the most amazing thing, he showed me was a unique approach to uncover my deep personal story via the concept of the Master Metaphor.

Thank you Panagioti, I am so happy that we keep on working together.
I highly recommend his professional services named smartly "The Subconscious Brand"!

Katerina Protogeraki

The Subconscious Brand and the Master Metaphor Sessions

Panagiotis has a unique way to approach people, companies and issues that may appear. My collaboration with him was the beginning to think differently about my targets and which are the details that will help me make the difference. I feel grateful that I started this collaboration with Panagiotis!

Jack Levi

"An interesting man"

I have known Panagiotis for a couple years and he has helped me empower my projects, dive deep into what i want to accomplish and gain skills that i have never thought of. He is always open for brainstorming and somehow he always shifts me to the correct direction by pointing out every detail and making me visualize the potential outcome both personally and professionally. I consider him a perfect fit for every team since he is a people's person, always humble and frank.

I have not yet reviewed any books.