ANLP Community Cafe Update

A new Member joined us for on our regular Virtual Community Cafe.  They wanted to know “everything” about ANLP and what we do…

ANLP Community Cafe Update

A new ANLP Member joined us for the second time on our regular Virtual Community Cafe.  They wanted to know “everything” about ANLP and what we do…

We talked about the projects, ideas and connections that have sprung from the Community Cafes and we surprised ourselves with the amount that has been generated out of a few Members getting together and supporting each other.  Here’s a few examples:

  • The Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) was first discussed in March 2020 and has gone on to be a European Team Award winning project.
  • The NLP for Health Project was first raised in a Community Cafe and is now close to launch with a mission “For all GP practices in the UK to have access to NLP Professionals”. 
  • COVID-19 Support Hub idea was generated by members at one of the very early cafes, offering quick tips and support to key workers. This has now been repurposed as a resource for website visitors eager to find out more about NLP.
  • ANLP Virtual Training Criteria webinar was first mooted during a Community Cafe supporting all Members who train, coach or deliver their services in a virtual environment.
  • International collaboration between Members on business projects.
  • Business inspiration, ideas and support
  • Shared Experiences to better support clients
  • Book recommendations and Authorship ideas and practical advice
  • Course recommendations and experiences

…and we have had plenty of laughs along the way…

All these initiatives have been facilitated and supported by ANLP. 

If you’re a Member, you can pop along and take part too.  Login to the website and go to

or pick up the zoom details in your ANLP Monthly update