ANLP International Ambassador Reboot

In April 2023, ANLP is launching improved International features on the ANLP website, including specialised search facilities and articles.

ANLP International Ambassador Reboot

ANLP’s mission is to be the Global Flagbearer for Professional NLP…

In April 2023, ANLP is launching improved International features on the ANLP website.  These exciting new features will include specialised search facilities and articles designed to support our International Ambassadors in:

Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, UAE and USA

We have introduced an International section to Rapport magazine to engage the International audience and raise the profile of what’s happening in your country.

It is our intention that, from the end of April 2023, we will be supporting full translation to the following languages on the ANLP website:

  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Serbian – to follow after initial launch

This includes text translation of articles from the Rapport Magazine archive and the ability for members to write their ANLP Profile in their first language.

In the lead up to this, we are re-engaging with our International Ambassadors to collaborate and drive our mission statement above and engage with the communities in your designated country.

For example, we worked with our South African Ambassador to develop a partnership with Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA). This Partnership will move towards ensuring that any COMENSA member who offers NLP services must be either an ANLP Member or have their NLP certificates validated by ANLP.

If you are aware of organisations in your country where similar partnerships could be set up, please let us know

In future we would like our International Ambassadors to:

  • Create content for the website specific to your country (Introduction to NLP in your country, benefits of being an ANLP Member in your country, what are the specific/unique requirements for practising NLP in your Country e.g. Government/legal/authority approval; insurance requirements; do you have to be trained in other modalities to deliver NLP; or do you require certain certification or qualifications etc.
  • Promote ANLP and generate new members.
  • Work with us to source Member benefits for those in your country who join ANLP (discounted business insurance, discounted business services, etc.)
  • Contribute articles for Rapport, when invited, with specific focus on your country
  • Interact with ANLP Social Media (Share/Comment/Engage in conversation)
  • Tag your celebrations using #anlp (photos/videos of training Graduations, local practice groups, etc.)
  • Be willing to hold Q&A Zoom sessions with ANLP

In return we give you:

  • The title ‘ANLP International Ambassador’
  • Increased exposure and marketing opportunities through
    • Your Ambassador page on the ANLP website
    • Your articles on the ANLP website
    • Your Rapport articles
    • Our Social Media
    • Elevating your profile in your country and globally
  • A unique discount code which waives the admin fee for new members (£48 saving)
  • Ambassador Logo to use on your promotional materials
  • The opportunity to have your membership fees covered by ANLP. We review Ambassador activities annually and the top 6 Ambassadors receive 12 months complimentary membership of ANLP (in arrears and based on the level of your engagement with the above)

If you’re interested in this level of collaboration with ANLP and taking the action required please let us know.