Dear ANLP Family...Eleni needs our help

We are sharing this message/appeal on behalf of Eleni’s family. Eleni is an ANLP Accredited Trainer, Rapport contributor and NLP Conference Presenter...

Dear ANLP Family...Eleni needs our help

We are sharing this message/appeal on behalf of Eleni’s family. Eleni is an ANLP Accredited Trainer, Rapport contributor and NLP Conference Presenter – she is a generous, effervescent, heart led trainer who has contributed so much to the world of NLP and touched so many hearts in the ANLP community. If there is anything you can do to support their fundraising effort for Eleni’s treatment, please do so, because she has so much more to give.

Frederike Hofstra writes:

"What we all have in common is to have met, know, cherish and love Eleni Sarantinou. She has shared with us her immense energy. She has helped us in our lives, coached us and trained us in NLP, communication, wellness, and so much more. She has advised us regarding our personal and professional relationships. She has opened our eyes, shown us paths forward, given us hope and on top of that, opened her HEART fully to us all!

We are writing to you today because we need everyone to help her!  Today she needs US!

Our friend Eleni is extremely sick. Her last treatment in the Netherlands did not go as planned. She did not respond to it and she is now in extreme pain and very weak. The medical team in the Netherlands won’t offer her any alternative treatment. We are raising money for her to either try a new therapy in a reputable clinic in Germany or allow her to access alternative therapy in order to ease the pain and help her family with financial support. We want her to be able to fight and survive this as she has done in the past. We want her to stay with us and with her beloved children and amazing husband. She is too young to leave this world. She has so much more to give. 

We have created a GofundMe page as her close friends and we are hoping to reach many contributors. Eleni doesn’t want to ask for anything to any of her friends or clients. However, as she usually is a donor of GofundMe requests, she has given us permission for this initiative.

We believe in the alternative German protocol which is very costly and therefore, we aim to raise up to 125.000 Euros ! We know it's a big target but every (small) amount is a step towards our goal.

We know that you are special to her just as she is special to you. She fights for you, for me, for all of us ! Together we can reach our goal !!

ALONE WE CAN DO LITTLE, TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH !!! Share the word around you !!

Eleni and Gerard have a lot on their mind at the moment. Although our first instinct is to call or chat with them, we would like to ask that you maybe show your support in another way : let us all connect remotely to Eleni and heal her with our energy and love, even from a distance. Every evening, Central European time 10pm, for the rest of 2021, let’s all concentrate on her for 5’ to 10’. You can light a candle, put yourself in a meditative state, imagine and visualise mentally that you are a doctor in a surgery room, or a magic fairy and you are curing her and it is a success. You can see Eleni, full of energy as usual, you can see her coaching and sharing her beautiful wisdom. In short see the Eleni we all know and love. Mentally and with all your senses, bring up as much details as possible through the process : smell, sound, colours, touch, feel, taste. Feel the success and make it as real as possible ! Feel it inside of you, with all of your cells. Breathe it deeply and expand it, into the universe, expand her recovery all over the world. Let’s do that every day together as one.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart and we believe in you! "

"The real essence of the human being is kindness. There are other qualities coming from education, from knowledge, but it is essential, if one wants to become a true human being and to give meaning to one's existence, to have a good heart". Dalai-Lama

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