Website Focus Group - Courses and Workshops

You are invited to attend a Members Focus Group to review improvements to the Courses and Workshops module on your Members Dashboard.

Website Focus Group - Courses and Workshops

As the ANLP website continues to evolve, our developer is currently working on some major improvements to the Courses and Workshops module of the members dashboard, which will completely revolutionise the way you currently manage the online promotion of your courses, workshops and events.

*NEW* Features include creating a library of events that you run regularly and then just adding in the dates you plan to run your courses. You will be able to set up modular courses and repeat events (such as monthly Practice group meetings).

We will be getting the new module for testing next week and would love to get feedback from those who use the system the most - you!

We have, therefore, set up a demo/feedback focus group session for you, where we can demonstrate the new features and get feedback on little tweaks you think would make the new system even better, when it gets launched in the next few weeks.

The virtual demo/feedback session is taking place on Thursday 26th August at 19:00 (BST), for 1 hour. This is open to all ANLP members who use the current Courses/Workshops module on their Members Dashboard.

Please register your interest by emailing us and we will send you the zoom link for the meeting. 

We will also demo some of the new features during the Trainers Only Community Cafe on 2nd September 2021 - details here