Aliyah Mohyeddin

My journey into NLP began through personal need. Being at that proverbial crossroads in life and not clear on the direction to take...

Aliyah Mohyeddin

Aliyah is the ANLP International Ambassador for Pakistan

My journey into NLP began through personal need. Being at that proverbial crossroads in life and not clear on the direction to take, my initial sojourn into the world of NLP was to somehow ease that constant painI felt inside. And thus, began a journey and an awakening within, to a life I had never dreamed possible. 

NLP has been described as a revolutionary methodology and a system. For me it has been all that and more. In what now feels like a previous life, I had enjoyed a successful career in media - running international business programs, making documentaries and writing for international publications. Communication was my forte.

I was introduced to NLP through enrolling in a Diploma of Coaching while living in Australia and at a time I felt I had lost my access to words and meaning. NLP fast grew into a passion as it opened me to a whole new depth in language, meaning and communication. Today I think of myself as an NLP evangelist. I received my first NLP Trainers Trainer certificate nearly 10 years ago and the second trainers training in 2019 and my constant thirst for learning and growth continues. For me this is still just the beginning of the new stage.

My dream had always been to introduce NLP to Pakistan; part of my paying it forward, enabling a country ravaged by decades of trauma to be able to help itself one individual and one training at a time. Today NLP has become synonymous with personal and professional development in Pakistan and when people look for such trainings, it is my name and my company’s name that comes primarily to most people’s mind. Our NLP trainings are amongst the most sought-after trainings in Pakistan and we get inquiries from across the country and neighbouring countries to run trainings there as well. 

My company Dynamic Communications Consulting is the only internationally recognised coaching training company in Pakistan, and we have already started rolling out international standard NLP coaches. Our NLP trainings are accredited by the ANLP and I am also a recognised NLP trainer with the Australian Board of NLP and the American Board of NLP. 

My goal and mission is to have Pakistan emerge as a leader and centre of excellence and innovation for the future generations of NLP and Coaching, to maintain and ensure professional standards and ethical practices and to continue to enable the sustainable growth of this budding industry in Pakistan.

My vision is to play an integral part in the growth and rehabilitation of a country that has been ravaged by violence and trauma for decades. Setting up a not-for-profit arm of the business, for grassroots NLP workshops to assist vulnerable and remote communities is in the pipeline.

Attending the International NLP Conference in London in 2019 and joining the ANLP and becoming the Ambassador for ANLP in Pakistan has opened up even more doors and opportunities towards attaining my goals and has given me access to a community and a tribe of amazing mentors, that I was searching for; on the back of that I've taken advatage of opportunities to collaborate and invite senior trainers to hold exciting new trainings in Pakistan. Being the Ambassador for ANLP in Pakistan, gives me immnese value-add and enhances the credibility and value of the trainings we run and opens doors for me within the corporate sector as well. I am looking forward to the mutual opportunities for growth and connecting Pakistan to the international NLP community.