Andy Coley

Andy Coley

Andy is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for London. Andy's passion for helping people make lasting changes comes from his own personal journey.

ANLP Roles

Andy is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for London, the NLP Specialist Envoy for Marketing and a Volunteer for the NLP Conference.

In Andy's words,

My passion for helping people make lasting changes to their lives comes from my own personal journey and that of my close family. I have experienced first-hand the impact NLP can have on the individual’s personal state, confidence, self-image and ability to handle stress and health challenges.

A number of years ago, I found my own health was at risk as my weight hit over 23 stone. The thing is, I saw the issues surrounding my weight coming and yet I chose to ignore it because it was easier to do so. Other aspects of my life were not exactly at their best stage at the time and thinking about losing weight was just another difficult thing to handle.

And then something happened – I received some NLP coaching and it was like a magic switch as realised that I had ownership of my own health and development and it allowed me to find the strength and motivation and have the tools to make a lasting change.  I stopped blaming all around me for what was going wrong and took control. It was fascinating that all it took was me, right then, to decide to make the changes for me. It was amazing how that simple change in mindset made massive changes in all areas of my life.

Since then I have lost over 6 ½ stone and more importantly I know first-hand what it is like when you are enabled to take control. I now have a fantastic family life, respect myself and love everything about what I do.

My passion is watching light-bulb moments of change for our delegates, building a community of empowered people and highly skilled coaches plus helping direct and focus that light towards their outcomes.

The ANLP is passionate about raising the standards and ethics of NLP within the international community and I’m glad to get to know the team and be a part of their great work.


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