Melody Cheal

Melody Cheal

Melody, an ANLP Accredited Trainer and Master Trainer provides NLP and Hypnosis training from entry level all the way to Master Trainer level.  

ANLP Roles

Melody Cheal is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Kent and East Sussex, the NLP Specilaist Envoy for Relationships and a Member of the ANLP External Verification Panel.

Melody is co-founder of GWiz NLP providing NLP Training from entry level through to NLP Master Practitioner. She also provides accredited hypnotherapy training and coach training. She is also a co-founder of PSiNLP providing NLP Trainer’s Training and Hypnosis Trainer’s Training. Her co-trainers are Joe Cheal and Julie Silverthorn. Melody and Julie are also currently accepting applications for their NLP Master Trainer Track.

As part of the Humanistic approach, all Melody’s students receive ongoing support in the form of mentoring, supervision and additional CPD opportunities (including an ANLP Practice Group). She believes that this support is vital to help new Practitioners and Trainers to develop.

GWiz NLP has a purpose built venue in an area of natural outstanding beauty, Ashdown Forest National Park, East Sussex. Whenever the weather permits, time is spent outside enjoying the natural environment during practice sessions.

Both Melody and Joe Cheal have been members of the NLP Leadership Summit from its formation and have been actively involved in all the meetings since. Melody believes being involved in such a body is important in contributing to the NLP community. 

Contribution is also behind Melody’s decision to serve on the committee of the NLP Conference, to work as part of the ANLP Accreditation Panel and to volunteer to be an ANLP Regional Ambassador. In her opinion, NLP Master Trainers have a responsibility to support the ANLP in its mission to promote ethical standards and practice within the field. 

In her private practice, for over 25 years, Melody has been working with individuals and couples who want to improve or strengthen their relationships. In many cases this involves identifying repeating patterns of thinking and behaving. Patterns set in childhood often create patterns and filters that effect the choices people make in relationship in. Melody applies NLP and allied approaches such as Core Transformations and The Wholeness Work as a tool to help clients resolve unhelpful patterns.

Melody, together with Joe Cheal, is the co-author of “The Relationship Dance”, a guide for anyone who wants to improve their ability to relate, communicate and share happiness and meaning with a loved one.

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