Reb Veale

Reb Veale

Reb is a Member of the ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom, the ANLP International Ambassador for France and an inspiring and challenging NLP Master Trainer

ANLP Roles

Reb is a Member of the ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom, the ANLP International Ambassador for France, NLP Specialist Envoy for Developmental NLP, a Volunteer for the NLP Conference and an inspiring and challenging NLP Master Trainer, mBIT Trainer and Master Coach working nationally and internationally. She is also a volunteer, working on a specific ANLP project.

Reb says,

I am incredibly proud to be the ANLP International Ambassador for France, representing ANLP’s ethical stance for standards in training and NLP practise in France.  This position connects me with so many amazing Practitioners doing great work – what a true privilege. When ANLP took over the responsibility for running the International NLP Conference, I volunteered to be a Conference Committee member as a means of giving something back to the field that has gifted me so much choice in my life. Whilst the first year has been challenging and a joy in equal measure; our work is not yet done! So, with an awesome group of other volunteers I am blessed to now call friends, I aim to contribute in a small way to the next conference being even more vibrant, successful and representative of the phenomenal people using NLP to provide resources and benefits to so many across the world.

As an experienced NLP Master Trainer, I co-facilitate the INLPTA UK Trainers Training in collaboration with Dr Henrie Lidiard (of NLP in the North) and Dr Wyatt Woodsmall.  It is an exciting time of increasing collaboration with other Master Trainers from INLPTA and other NLP organizations across the world and together, we are seeking to move beyond the bounds of an old competition-based model to build a generative basis for NLP, where rigour, ethics and quality show the difference NLP can make to clients and our society as a whole in this important time in history.

I was one of the first mBIT Coaches to be certified in the UK in 2013 by both co-creators of mBraining, Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka. I am also one of the first 70 mBIT Trainers in the world and one of the very first mBIT Master Coaches in the world.  So far, I have presented sessions on mBraining twice at the International NLP Conference and am blessed to have facilitated mBIT Coach Certifications for the past two years in the UK, the first certifications in Greece, Ireland and South Africa.

A business psychologist, drawing on my commercial and human resources background; I am also a qualified coach and am psychotherapeutically-trained, all of which help me bring a pragmatic and flexible approach to NLP training programmes. My company, Reveal Solutions, assists people achieve the success of which they may not yet even have dreamt; whether in their career or personal life. We have a passion for people’s potential; please get in touch today to see what you might make possible with our support and how we can collaborate.

Along with Mark Deacon, I have authored and published a range of coach and leader development products, including 3 decks of GROW Coaching cards at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels (now on eleventh print run and already sent to 38 countries); also available are our Developing Emotional Intelligence cards, Building Personal Resilience cards, Successful Appraisal cards and the only coach development products in the field of mBraining co-authored with co-creator of the field, Grant Soosalu.

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