Tony Nutley

Tony Nutley

Tony, an ANLP Accredited Trainer is Director of Training at the UK College of Personal Development which he founded way back in 2001.

ANLP Roles

Tony Nutley is a Member of the ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom, the NLP Specialist Envoy for Training, CPD and Coaching and a Member of the ANLP External Verification Panel and an NLP Master Trainer. He is also a volunteer working on a specific ANLP project. 

Tony is an ANLP Accredited Trainer is Director of Training at the UK College of Personal Development which he founded way back in 2001.

He is a highly dynamic and inspirational trainer and coach and as well as being a key member of the UKCPD Team, he works for organisations nationally and internationally as a Trainer and Performance Coach. 

Tony's mission has always been to create a space where the very best quality training and student support is consistently delivered for individuals wishing to study and gain the very best learning experience and quality accreditations while studying NLP, Coaching, Leadership and Personal Development programmes.

He has constantly pushed the field of NLP forward and worked with people to increase the standing of NLP in the minds of the general public, the corporate world and academia. He has played a key part in various projects that have moved NLP into the main stream and he continues to work on new and imaginative projects around this outcome. 

The UK College of Personal Development were the very first organisation in the UK to develop the traditional NLP Practitioner training into a more practical and coaching focused programme, developing innovative models and mapping the comprehensive NLP toolbox against popular coaching frameworks. 

In addition to ANLP Accreditation, they were also the very first organisation to have their NLP Practitioner training accredited by Association For Coaching (AC) and the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM).

In April 2016, the reputation of the college and its high standards of training and student support was recognised by “Acquisition International” (Global Corporate Journal) and they awarded the team with a prestigious Business Excellence Award.

He has also published various books of the benefits of personal development, is an Accredited NLP Trainer, and is an accredited user of the EBW and iWAM Psychometric tools.

Tony is an advisor to the Association For Coaching (AC) on standards of training programmes, recognition and accreditation. (Training Course Recognition Forum). And he is also on the advisory and training programme accreditation board for the International Association For NLP (ANLP). 

Outside of his work Tony is an enthusiastic cook, he has a keen taste for Italian food and Spanish wine.

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